Tips on Styling Shirt Dresses

When last month I was shopping online at a fashion website I found two of the most perfect long over-sized button-down shirts, and was stuck between buying it or not, then it hit me: YES buy it, it’ll make the perfect casual chic even glam dress in summer. I made a mental note right then and there to write about shirt dresses. So here it is!


As I say you can never have too many dresses be it any seasons, especially when they’re a perfect style combo of casual and chic. Such a perfect combo holds the SHIRT DRESS. What is a shirt dress? Basically it’s a longer version of a shirt, button-down usually, slightly over-sized, long, that looks like a shirt but acts like a dress. Isn’t that just perfect??

Did you know: This look was actually made popular in the ’50s by the glamazing Audrey Hepburn,!

After I bought it though, I was hit with the question: How To Wear A Shirt Dress? The same old questions! What shoes do I wear? Hairstyle? How about accessories? Yada yada yada. Well the answer to that question wads well, Basically like a dress (in a nutshell), Having said that, it’s the shoes that usually set the tone of the outfit, and perhaps even the shirt’s cut, fabric and design. You can wear it cringed at the waist with a belt (thin belts are always better in my opinion, and if you want thicker styles, just layer more thin belts). Or, you can leave it un-belted for a more sophisticated effortless vibe of the whole look. Though there are shirt dresses that come with a belt, usually the tying type, which is my favourite and looks fab!


1. Ballet pumps are for casual Saturdays and French chic styles.
2. Stiletto sandals are for a more glamorous yet effortless look. Tip: Pair these with a shirt dress cringed at the waist, to create that balanced silhouette that oozes effortlessness. Imagine sack over-sized dress with really sexy heels. Perfect balance.
3. Ankle boots are perfect for a very boho chic style. Either for a weekend or even casual office wear. Top the style with a messenger bag and a leather brown jacket. (jacket can be optional)

This is the best part, coz any… and I mean ANY chic hairstyle goes shirt dresses. Be it A bun, Fishtail braid or just let it loose. Everything works for this outfit.

Boots are the look I’ve gone for in this post, these shoes that I’m wearing just clicked/fit well with these outfits; you know what I’m saying?

The Look:

Shirt dresses are one of those pieces everyone needs in their closet. You can dress them down or dress them up. This particular dress has a great little waist cinching tie that has the most flattering silhouette. Love love love. Shirt dresses are a great go to when hopping to meetings or even for weekend brunch. Just throw it on and go. So simple and chic. Also as you can see, I am a huge fan of mixing black with anything!. Rules are meant to be broken. So, for all you ladies looking to freshen up your closet with a new piece, highly suggest running out for a great shirt dress or go shop online like I did 😉

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You know sometimes they ( I ) say , Somewhere between our hectic days and relaxing evenings, between fashion crushes and can’t be bothered moods, there are so many things left undone and unsaid it’s a pity. And if you, like me, are a bit of a procrastinator with a case of ADD then you’re practically screwed. An idea you might have today, a thought that lingers too long in your mind, if not shared, becomes wasted. Until it’s too late. But sometimes… when it comes back to you repeatedly you know you gotta say something about it. Which is exactly what went through my mind while writing this blog.. It was such a new trend these shirt dresses and the way this idea kept coming back to me just showed me I had to do this 😉

Tip: Roll up your sleeves. Wear thin layered necklaces or a massive bracelet (optional). And remember you can even wear such dresses on your summer vacation.

Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed styling this look and blogging about it!

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