A visit to Rehau Store in Bangalore

We often talk about fashionable clothing stores, how to style yourself in different outfits or which beauty product makes you look good but this post is not any usual ones. We had an opportunity to visit Rehau which is located at Richmond town, Bangalore. It is a store which makes everyday life products in a stylish way and hence we thought to talk about it, after all we love to have beautiful products around us. Rehau store is decent in size and looks very classy with their products on display. After entering the store, we had a interaction with Vikram who took us for a store tour.

Originated from Germany, Rehau is a Polimer company which has been in India for the past 15 years and comprises of three divisions; Construction, Automotive and Industry. Talking about Automotives, Vikram introduced to a Audi Bumper which is Polymer based completely made and even painted by Rehau. They also make tail light and HBSC system which is lifetime bacterial free for high end cars. Being a Audi car fan myself, I just loved the whole look of it and knowing about its polymer bumper.

IMG20160527141940 copy

IMG20160527142108 copy

Vikram next introduced us to a Construction Product called Radiant heating and cooling system, which will reduce power consumption and this was implemented and tested at Infosys, Hyderabad. Another interesting product in this segment is the Windows System, the first UPVC window was constructed back in 1959 prior to which only wooden or aluminium windows were made. The standard offering windows are supplied to multiple builders in Bangalore, its a sliding window with a option to have mess and slides with easy touch lock system. It can be customized in any size needed. They also have a premium Product which is a of a rolling shutter, it helps reducing the sound and cuts the light. It can be used manually or sensors could be installed. Interesting part is they make all these products according to the requirements.

IMG20160527142154 copy

IMG20160527142255 copy

They are also committed in making energy saving, water management and sustainable products as Rehau believes these will be the next generation products. Few products in this segment are:
Geo thermal helical tube — which can run up to 150 meters deep and helps utilizing the heat energy
Rain water harvesting — which I believe is a must in each home
Awadukt — Ground air heat exchanger
Cooling system — Easily transportable and flexible pipes

They have useful household product like shutters of the kitchen cabinet which can be rolled can also be made automated. They also provide edge banding on the furniture’s and kitchen cabinets.

They have more than 15,000 products around the world ranging from small silicon tube which is used in the heart surgery to storage cabinets in the flights( aerodynamics). So next time if you are wondering where to head for your house construction solutions you know this amazing place. #RehauHappyLiving

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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