South Indian Me Featuring

Being born in Southern part of India, there are few things which are unique to us and we love it that way. From the irresistible need for filter coffee in daily routine to the love of Silk Saris, From loving idly/ bisibele bath to being tech heads we have few obsessions. Personally I love few unique traits I have as a south Indian, though I love exploring and learning a lot more. I even love the brown tanned skin we have but sadly majority of people crave for white skin and think less of a dark skinned person. Why am I talking about south India you ask? Because today I’m talking about this website called sareez which is one stop solution for all your ethnic needs. But still, I chose to pick a sari from it because the south Indian in me loves to wear silk sari once in a while.

I picked a pink silk sari from their collection after going through the wide range of saree collection. For a personal like me who hates hunting for good tailors, this site even offers to stitch the blouses. So I filled the measurement form for my blouse to be stitched but keeping my fingers crossed as I didn’t want them to mess up my blouse. And Luckily when the product was delivered, the blouse was absolutely fit and fine and to my surprise they had even sent the petticoat to wear inside sari along with fall stitching in Sari.
IMG_0063 copy
IMG_0078 copy
IMG_0086 copy
IMG_0101 copy
IMG_0102 copy
Sari gives you an different look from any other ethnic wear, in my case itself I see a different me in mirror when I wear a Sari. For a south Indian, Sari is the integral part of weddings or Festivals at home. And here I am posing in a pink silk saree showcasing the south Indian in me.
Sareez is one of the largest and the most recognized online stores for Indian ethnic wears. Founded in 2009, Sareez, today, has emerged to be a globally loved and preferred provider of a variety of Indian ethnic attires including Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas, Sherwani, Kaftans and more. They claim that “what’s fashion today is history tomorrow”,  so we can se new stock and style updates regularly, and in accordance with the latest trends.
PS: I don’t have many pictures of this as we had tough time finding a location to do the shoot. I promise to poset more pictures soon!

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