Vaya Tyffyn – to enjoy your meal, hot and fresh!

On 19th August, a solution to dripping curries, cold meals, unhygienic containers was launched at ITC Gardenia where media, bloggers and known personalities of Bangalore came together. Vaya Tyffyn launch marks the foray of Vaya Life Pvt. Ltd., a brand that prides itself in redefining everyday products through world class design and high end engineering as it is founded by a technologist who has Indian origin. As a kid or an office going person you would want to carry your lunch in a decent lunch box. I’m sure everybody wants their lunch box to store food in a hygienic way and also look classy to carry it along. And Vaya envisions to creating products that are designed to impact and improve everyday living. With top-notch engineering minds contributing to the product line, Vaya has launched the first of its path-breaking offerings, the Vaya Tyffyn, a three container vacuum insulated lunch box.

At the Launch Vashist Vasanthakumar said, “ We bring in an elegant shift that offers customers a combination of innovative, carefully designed, high quality products and a look cool too”. When I make sure to dress up right, wear matching jewellery and carry perfect bag I kind of avoid carrying usual lunch box /bag because it does not go really well with my style. And with this Launch of Vaya Tyffyn, I’m very much excited about my lunch bag too in my daily routine. And I believe so many more people like me would also love carrying lunch with this sophisticated and elegant lunch box.

Vaya is based out of Chennai, and this innovative start-up has a team of proficient engineers from various parts of the world, to design products that are sure to delight customers. This is the first product from the brand Vaya and they are all set to deliver more such innovative products which will help in improving our lifestyles. The company promises “life, improved” by redesigning everyday products that is integral part of routine.



Product Design:

Vaya is currently available in three graphic variants – Graphite, Maple and Wool. All of them look uber cool but my personal favorite is the wool and Maple one. Vaya Tyffyn comes in a sleek oval-shaped stainless steel body, with attractive graphic cover designs. With its Bag Mat, Vaya tyffyn adds to the style quotient. Vaya tyffyn is also a great gifting option which its recipients are sure to cherish and use every day.

Vaya Tyffyn – Features:

  • VacuTherm technology – Double walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel cover shell that traps the rising heat and helps retain heat. The stainless steel cover shell is also lined with copper coating.
  • Three High quality copper finished stainless steel containers – that retains the freshness of the food as it is packed
  • Stainless steel side latches that puts positive pressure on the container lids thereby preventing leakages.
  • Double-shot container lids additionally help in preventing leakages of contents inside the container
  • Finger grooves on container lids for smooth opening of the containers, and prevent spillages while opening.
  • Sleek and compact – Vaya tyffyn can snuggle into any bag, and easy to hold within one hand, similar to holding a laptop.
  • Every Vaya Tyffyn comes with a smart shoulder Bag Mat, which unzips into a table mat. This Bag  Mat is water repellent and doesn’t stain.




Why Would I Use This:

  • For the Looks -Great Design and stylish
  • No need to re heat the food in microwave
  • No worries of food leakage in laptop bag

I’m already carrying my food in this lunch box to office and loving the attention it gets along with the amazing job it does at keeping my food hot. The box along with the bag mat is priced at 2500 INR. You can buy your box at vaya website.

Here is what I wore for the event, a green maxi top with slits from faballey with a pencil fit skirt from Aeropostale along with pumps from Pantaloons. I have accessorized it with a choker neck piece and a single bracelet.


Stay Healthy and Stay Beautiful 🙂

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One thought on “Vaya Tyffyn – to enjoy your meal, hot and fresh!

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