Live the present featuring Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joy Box

I usually blog about the launch events immediately after I attend the launch, but this time I delayed it, Because I had busy schedule and I wanted to include the product usage experience as well in the post. Gone are the days, where we used to click pictures with our families and friends and wait for those films to be developed to actually see the image. Now everybody has a smart phone or a digital camera to click and share images. But the joy we get watching our picture on a poster or in an album is altogether different. I still love revisiting my school photo albums which stores so much of memories and makes me feel nostalgic. I’m sure the kids this generation do not have any clue on Analog cameras and wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the digital ones. But the Polaroid cameras are something which shall bridge the gap between digital and analog camera by having the instant picture development feature in it.

picsart_09-18-11-55-34   picsart_09-18-11-58-08

Fujifilm, a well known camera company since 1934 recently launched the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joy Box and Instax Mini Film Value Pack to enrich users tryst with Instant Photography. These two gets added on to their existing products list like Mini 8 Joy Box ,  Mini 8,  Instax Hello Kitty Neo Classic Mini 90, Mini 70 and Wide 300. It was an evening with the fashionable lot of Bangalore to get #Instaxicated and we loved clicking selfies and usingInstax Mini 8. The famous Veteran photographer Ms. Aparna Nori was also present at the launch event ,who gave so many insights about photography and how Polaroid cameras help her as a traveling photographer. “It feels so good to click someone in a village and be able to give them their photographer immediately” she said.

Check out my Unboxing Video to see all the contains which I got in the FufiFilm Instax Mini 8 Joy Box:

The box costs at a affordable price of 6400 which includes the camera, 2 packs of Film, Battery and a hand bag. You can get it for even lesser in few websites with some offers. They also provide with a one year guarantee card. Camera alone costs you 4500 rs. It is very handy to carry around and definitely fun to use. I clicked few pictures when I went out with my family and It looked really nice and the joy of printing it immediately made my parents also happy and made them relive their era of printed pictures. It take just 25-30 seconds to develop the film which is like almost instantly.



Tips to use Fujifilm Mini 8:

  • Take close up shots as clarity reduces for the far off object
  • Use the selfie mirror while capturing selfies and be close to each other while in a group as this is not a wide angle camera
  • Use the modes in the camera effectively ( indoors/bright day/cloudy day)

This Instax camera is a great way to capture and live the moment. The happiness we get in watching a physical photograph in a collage or album is immense and that is the reason it is an great object to carry along your friends and family and print some beautiful moments. Remember scrapbooks we used to make each friend write in? I think this instax can be a good replacement for that as you can click a picture with your friend and make them write a note on it.

Do let me know if you have used any Polaroid cameras and your experiences using it, I would love to know!

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Until next time, Stay Stylish and Stay beautiful ❤


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