Personalized Service at Artiste Salon

If you have been following my blog, then you know I have reviewed a lot of products and DIY methods to control hair fall. It is one of the leading issue for both men and women today. Every body is so busy in life that we seldom get time for personal care hence we rely on beauty products to do the miracles. We need to protect our skin and hair from all the dust and harmful chemicals in our environment. My hair fall is seasonal and I get stressed when it occurs. I started using Kama Ayurveda hair oil recently to control hair-fall. But until I visited Artiste Salon I hadn’t realized what exactly was the problem I was going through.

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Coming to my experience at the salon, as I entered the salon I was greeted by Nitesh who introduced me to Raphael Emileenaa who is a senior stylist at Artiste Salon and she is a warm person to talk to. She asked me to fill up a form with my details and also about my hair concerns. I immediately told her, I am worried about my hair-fall and the last time I went to hair spa, the guy at the salon said I have developed dandruff. Laughing, ” That probably would be hair sensitivity and not Dandruff. If you had dandruff you cannot sit so calmly” she said. She then got the Kerastase Camera and a tab to analyze my scalp and the hair fiber. As she swayed through my hair scalp, I could see the image on the tab and there was redness in many places which she explained to me that I have a very sensitive scalp. She also checked the fiber condition of my hair and it was damaged too. This was the first time I saw a salon using this device and showcasing the customer the exact problem they have.

After understanding the exact problem, she asked me to use sensitive care shampoo and not to tie up my hair when it is still wet. One should understand that even though the hair product is really good it may not suit your hair if it is not meant for the problem you have, she added. After this chat, she decided to use the combination of sensitive and damage protection masks for my hair.



Raphael washed my hair with Kerastase Sensitive shampoo and pat dried to squeeze out the water. Here she suggested me to do the same at home instead of heavily rubbing the hair with a towel. Coming to the Hair Spa, she applied the Kerastase Fusio Dose to my scalp which helps in the reconstruction. Post this she applied a mixture of Kerastase Specifique for sensitive Scalp and Masque Therapiste for fiber quality renewal all over my hair and massaged for five minutes, but did not apply too much pressure as I have a sensitive scalp.

While the mask was on, I got Manicure done by Povinei and I loved the detailed care she gave for my hands and had a good relaxing time. Raphael then washed off the mask from my hair and blow dried to keep the roots dry.


TIP: Hair is at its weakest when it is wet, so do not step out of the house with moisture in your hair.

Understand and know about your Hair before you start using hair products is what I learned from my visit to Artiste Salon. I definitely recommend you to visit this place even if its just for a haircut. They analyse your hair and help you understand what you really need. I will follow all the suggestions I got at this Salon and will keep you guys posted how it worked for me.

As always, Don’t forget to Keep it Stylish and Stay Beautiful! :-)

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