Go Eco Friendly featuring Giskaa

Good shoes take you to good places, is what we girls believe. Shoes are integral part of our closets and we are never satisfied with the numbers we own. Shoes change the whole look you carry, it either enhances the look or makes it a terrible one. Imagine wearing a flipflop along with a formal wear; it spoils the whole look, right? Styling the right pair of shoes with an outfit is as important as right lipstick in makeup. Some months back we had done a post dedicated to shoes, check that here.

We have spoken a lot about natural and Ayurvedic products in beauty section but today I’m going to introduce you to Eco Friendly fashion from Giskaa. Giskaa stands on 3 foundational pillars – Health, Environment and Social. Every product that they promote is reviewed and rated based on a comprehensive rating system that uses specific parameters to measure the impact to health, environment and society. This allows them to arrive at a Eco-friendly score which is published on every product page. The website has vast variety of products including home decor, beauty and fashion categories and amongst fashion it has ethnic wear, dresses, accessories, shoes to name a few.

I got myself a pair of handcrafted slip on shoes which is very comfortable yet stylish to look at. I love slip on shoes for the fact that, it is a easy footwear and can be paired with casuals, indo western and even with dresses. Lets not forget how helpful these are on non pedicured days. The special factor in these shoes is it is hand knitted out of wool fabric. This reminded me of my childhood days when my mom used to knit me sweaters with woolen. These shoes allows the skin to breathe through the wool and keeps the leg warm in cold weather. Wool is a renewable and sustainable resource that can go to nature after use, without any harm. Hence this product has 5 out of 5 Eco score.







I styled these shoes with my Denim pants and a fringed poncho top. Woolen shoes and fringed Poncho top are perfect for upcoming winter season. I also wore it along with a crop top and jeans to give out a casual sunny day look. I wore the shoes with and without socks and was happy it didn’t make my feet sweat in both the cases. These Shoes can be washable and are very light weight. I’m looking forward to wearing this red shoes along with a blue or white dress. Comfortable yet stylish combo makes this shoe a perfect pick.


Poncho: Lifestyle
Crop Top: Pantaloons
Jeans: United Colors of Benetton
Shoes: Giskaa

About Giskaa:
Giskaa is the eCommerce venture of Catena Technologies Private Limited, a company registered and based in Bangalore, India. All orders are fulfilled through warehouses in Guwahati, Assam and Bangalore, Karnataka. Giskaa is ‘inspired by nature’ and so is their 3-petal logo. Giskaa is deeply rooted in the principle that we hold the key to change in our hands. We shape our environment and our future by our very own hands. Giskaa also values the skilled hands of hundreds of amazing craftsmen who provide a unique taste of India.

I hope you liked the way I have styled these shoes. Do leave a comment on what you liked and if you have used handcrafted items before. And don’t forget to keep it stylish!

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