Styling of Jogger pants and Crop Top

As a kid, I loved magic more than logic like every other child but I loved fiction way too much. Series like small wonder, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Shaktimaan, Shararat and many others which involved either a superhero or fiction made me inquisitive. It used to make me forget the real world problems and be in the imaginary world for few minutes. I believed if I were in trouble, a super hero would rescue me, ha-ha innocent me. My obsession for super heroes grew as the years passed, but gone are the days I wished for special powers like what Spider Man or Hero Nakamura or The Flash has. Be your our own super hero, is my current motto as our brain can do so much more than we think it can. Be it Batman or Arrow, Iron Man or Dare Devil , they all do not have any special powers, but have found a way to be a super hero.

My fantasies of super heroes needs more than a blog post so I shall end it here. Without delay, let me introduce Bewakoof, a website which sells so many super heroes merchandise. Batman, Iron man, Super Man T-shirts were already in my closet, but I was looking for The Flash T-shirt. I bought one beautiful crop top and a Jogger pant with batman print on it from this website. Purpose of jogger pants is for obvious reasons, to wear it during a jog or while exercising. But today I shall show you how I styled this Jogger Pants making it a casual wear and not just as sweats.

Jogger pants are one of the most comfortable trousers in the world. Of course it is not meant for wearing at work but can be a cool street wear. Speaking of comfort, you might have noticed that many fashionistas around the world started to combine comfort with style, creating amazing looks. Styling of a jogger pants might be tricky as the wrong shoe or shirt can instantly take you from style expert to overgrown kindergartner.


Tips for styling Jogger pants:

  • Jogger pants have youthful undertones. Wearing pumps or bellies with them makes it look like you’re actually trying to dress like a kid, wear sneakers or even Stilettos which will bring up your game.
  • Wearing a buttoned shirt with joggers is an easy way to make them look a little more mature. But leaving your shirt untucked will undo all of those good mature dressing vibes. This rule applies double if you’re wearing joggers with lace-up shoes.
  • Joggers are at their most natural when worn with a T-shirt or pullover. But to ensure grown-man-level style, reach for a solid or striped tee over your beat-up band T-shirts

picsart_10-09-01-23-17  picsart_10-09-08-31-09


Crop top and Jogger pants make a perfect combo when paired with a pair of sneakers. You can either wear these pants high waist or low waist whether or not you want to show your stomach.




I have worn a casual blazer with a tank top inside to give more of a casual look and less of sporty look. Joggers are meant for athletic wear so it usually oozes out sporty look. It is wee bit tricky to convert the sporty look into casual one. You can also wear jogger pants with a neatly fitting shirt tucked in and pair it with stilettos. Lot of Celebrities and international models have already been wearing jogger pants as troushers and I loved wearing them too. Do let me know if you liked this look I have put together in the comments below.

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Keep it stylish and Stay Beautiful 🙂

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