Kurta Styles for the Festive Season

The festive season is here at our doorstep and it calls for a lot of shopping, dressing up, eating sweets, gifting and spreading happiness. While there are lot of fun and excitement, we also need to get started on what we will wear to the various events – ethnic day at office, the get together with relatives and on Diwali itself. Well, you can’t just pick something random from your wardrobe now, can you? You need to find something that will make you feel festive and look great. Check the wardrobe of any girl and you’ll get a whole lot of kurtas stuffed in her wardrobe. Sure, lot of girls love dressing Desi too

In Ethnic wear, we have very few categories like kurtas, salwars, lehangas or sarees. That is the reason I always try to mix and match or buy kurtas with different kind of cuts and prints. Recently I posted styling a kurta in two ways, one a casual look and other in ethnic look. I love that Kurta and it is from BIBA, So I have chosen my top favorites from their site to compile this post.

From bohemian to chic, kurta enables you to carry yourself in numerous ways and styles. Shed boring and oh-so-conventional way of dressing and look for new designs and patterns to look stylish everyday. Today I’m going to show my top picks of Kurta styles which will make shopping less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Go Asymmetric

We all use the regular kurtas with straight cuts, but this festive season choose an asymmetric kurta in a color of your choice. It could be paired with leggings or slim pants.


Mid Slit Kurta

Mid slit kurtas and maxi tops have been in trend for quite sometime now. Choose a flared mid slit kurta and pair it with a chudidhar. Contrast colors are the key here, choose different color of kurta and chudidhar.midslit

Layer it up

Kurtas can be paired with vest coats or crop jackets. Pick one of those kurtas, which has this layer included in it. And there you go, you have an Indian fall look.jacket

Kurta with Skirt or Palazzo

Wear those printed simple kurtas with plain palazzo pants or skirt. It gives a fresh new look and perspective.


Ditch the colors and Go Black

It’s all fun to wear colorful outfits during festivals, but black and gold is one of the classic combinations which looks amazing even for an ethnic wear. Buy a kurta with black and golden prints and flaunt it in families get together.black

Go from basic to revamped styles like above and let the trending bird inside you fly high.This simple transformation in looks will surely grant you tons of accolades, I bet!

Keep it stylish and Stay Beautiful 🙂

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