Get the right Waterproofing solution to your House

Big house, fancy cars, amazing gadgets are the usual materialistic dreams any of us have. And these are all huge investments or expenditures which one thinks a lot about before proceeding. My Dad had built a house when I was about a year old and the whole time I have lived there, we didn’t have to face any of the issues like water leakage or any seepages in the walls.

About 3 years back, we bought a constructed house in Bangalore, which we all loved as a family until now. Recently, we started seeing these black patches whenever it rains, that’s seepage and has happened because the constructor/builder has not taken good measures of water proofing and curing the concrete of the house. This is when I realized, the importance of the right materials and the right process used during the construction.

To know more about the waterproofing methods, I had visited AceTech Exhibition at BIEC in Bengaluru. I stopped at Pidilite stall which has Dr Fixit and Roff India under their umbrella. I got so much information, that, from now on, if I or any of my friends are going to buy a house, I know what all questions to ask the builder.

One big mistake of the constructors is using cement everywhere, even for wall tiles which are exposed to moisture. Traditionally, white cement was used to fill joints. However, this causes problems such as cracks in joints, water seepage in bathrooms and color fading. Instead one must use Adhesive which is mainly used for wall tiles so that it binds quickly. Adhesive also allows for expansion and contraction, whereas cement is apt for flooring tiles. Adhesives need to be used to lay tiles over existing tiles so that it binds well. On ply boards, gypsum boards, swimming pools, adhesives are the best option than the traditional cement.






There are a variety of adhesives available for different situations based on the flooring material that is being laid (granite /marble /vitrified /ceramic tile) and areas which are exposed to more moisture. Roff is a Pidilite company product which is a more widely and commonly used adhesive here around. So, don’t go for the conventional cement blindly rather use Adhesives wherever necessary.

We aren’t Architects or civil engineers to know all the details about the construction, but it is always good to have information before getting a house constructed. Dr Fixit, has an APP where people like me and you can get all the information regarding waterproofing for a house. You can post a question and the technical person from their team answers your queries.

These are a few advantages I found of Adhesives in comparison to traditional cement. I hope it is of some help to you guys, for more information, you can always download the app and read the FAQ questions there.

It’s your dream, don’t let simple mistakes ruin it over a long term.


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