Indulge in Multiple Course Meal at The Three Quarter Chinese

We went for buffet tasting at Three Quarter Chinese over one of the weekend and enjoyed the menu thoroughly. Three Quarter Chinese Restaurant is not new to me as whenever I had been to bowling in Amoeba on Church Street, this place came as blessing in disguise for Food. After all, a good game and good food is all you need to rejuvenate. Restaurant launched their Wow Buffet, and a few of us bloggers got a chance to do tasting of it.

Let me talk about the ambience first, this place can cater to a large number of customers as it is very huge. The buffet Menu is widespread with both Indian and Chinese cuisines in addition to the live counters for Chaats, Momos/Dumplings and Chicken Skewers. So many items that it occupies almost half portion of the restaurant. We sat in a separate chamber, this can be used for your birthday dinners or kitty parties which would occupy around 10 to 12 people.

I somehow expected the buffet to have only authentic Chinese food, but the menu is a contemporary mix of Chinese, Indian and some Tandoori styles. That’s why I named this as a three course meal. Way  too many options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians in this buffet, I mean I couldn’t decide on which to eat which to let go. Starting from Salads to Desserts, the options are humongous for the price one pays, so you can see that the place is full most of the days.




img_20161016_134200  img_20161016_140607







I started with the salads and loved the pineapple pasta salad amongst all, It was mixture of American, Indian and Chinese. I took the chicken Soup which was decent to the taste buds. For the starters, they had Szechwan Prawns, Fish Chilli Butter Garlic in non veg and Baby corn Manchurian and Spring rolls in Vegetarian. I really loved the Fish Chilli and Baby Corn Manchurian. Next, I went to the Momo Live counter and the chicken Momo was ravishingly delicious with right balance of flavors. I even liked the Skewed Chicken which was hot and spicy. With a buffet of 40 plus different items, it is really difficult for one to have it all 😀

There were a lot of items in the main course too, I tasted the noodles in Chinese and a little bit of Biryani from Indian cuisine. I would like to give a special mention to the Hara mutter kismis ki tikki which was really tasty. No meal is complete without desserts, isn’t it? You can enjoy the goodness of chocolate by dipping into the hot chocolate fountain. Many varieties of desserts made me feel like it was another buffet in itself. If you have sweet tooth, then you can enjoy the varieties of Cakes, Marshmallows, Halwas, Ice Creams to name a few.

Overall, this place is amazing to give your taste buds a vast variety of items and go along with your family and friends.

Prices: weekends-Rs.810 and Weekday-Rs.710

Three Quarter Chinese, Church Street, Bangalore

PS: No alcohol available here

Eat everything you like but also workout ❤

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