Xploree Keyboard – Discover Things at your Finger Tips

Man’s Quest for inventing new devices has made our lives easier today, we have everything at our finger tips and can reach out to the whole world with ease. Be it meetings or making a note of to-do list, most of us use our smart phones rather than notebooks. Fortunately or Unfortunately, Typing has taken over writing. Various phones and numerous keypad options are available out there in the market currently, personally I love my google keyboard which has language intelligence and allows swipe too. A new player in the keyboard market is Xploree, which is a product of KeyPoint Technologies. I had a chance to attend their geek talk session along with a few other bloggers in Bengaluru recently which lead to this post.

Kiran Karthikeyan, VP of the company addressed us to brief about the App. Xploree was born out of an idea to use language intelligence as a unified playground for connecting brands and services to consumers, he said. The app understands user intent across apps on the mobile, thereby building bridges between need and brands. It’s More than a app; it’s thinking keyboard as it is capable of syncing with our contextual needs and gives smart suggestions.




With a user base of 2.5 million, the app provides 130+ languages to its users. The Discovery feature is really cool, as I have also started using this app on my phone, it shows the deals and services based on your chat. Example, As you type the word lunch, you get discoveries showcasing the deals of restaurants. But this feature needs to be evolved even more, as the company collaborates with more brands it will help customers get wider variety of deals. One more feature which I liked is adding shortcuts, this is an existing feature if you are an I-phone user. But the difference is apple has limited sentences where in Xploree its unlimited list. Usage: Add the shortcuts of the sentences you usually use, how are you as hru and when you type hru, how are you shows up. Only one thing which bothers me is the pop up head of the discovery feature.




Key Features:

Intenticons – Experience intent-driven images that hint at useful suggestions in your moment of need
CrossApp Reach – Browse effortlessly without the hassle of switching apps.
Hyper-Contextual – Deeper Understanding of user needs, to match them with meaningful discoveries around product suggestions and offers
Multi Lingual – Option to chat in 130 + languages
Regional Language typing with English Keyboard – Hinglish, Kanglish etc

Over All, Its a good app if you like texting faster and having most of the deals at your finger tips. All the traditional features of the keyword plus the discovery feature comes in Xploree keyboard

Download the app Here!

About the Company:

KeyPoint Technology is an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology major, and a global investor focused on delivering discovery experiences to consumers on Mobile Devices. Our Vision is to delight users at every step of their online journey whilst they look forward to draw recommendations that bring value.

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