Off Shoulder Jumpsuit and Rambling

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit for a sunny Day






I’m slowing down by the weight on my shoulder,
But like weight training for a soldier,
This is only making me stronger.

Coding at work, Blogging at home, attending events, working on my new venture, these are a few things which is keeping me occupied most of the time these days. People say I need to just focus on one thing, but I wonder do they really know my ability. We have all got only one life, at least that is what we believe; So at the end of it I should be satisfied that I tried for all that I wanted. I might have slowed down in blogging world, but I’m learning so many new things at my Start Up. Lot of questions in my head about what will work and what will not, yet I have decided not to stop.

Nothing I do seems good enough,
There is so much more potential to discover,
Hoping for things not to get rough,
Praying that I shall stay strong Forever.Then I tell myself,
You are still a work in progress.

The journey of discovering oneself, achieving big goals, finding content will always have many hurdles and a lot of confusing thoughts. If you are determined enough and are happy doing all the hard work, do not stop even if no one believes in you.  After all happiness is a state of mind. Sometimes we don’t take our thoughts seriously, other times we live life way too seriously and then we forget to Dream at all. Stop, Introspect and Implement.

This is not like my usual posts, but I had so many thoughts going on in my head that I had to put it forth. On a lazy sunday, when I was feeling a bit low, dressed up in this dress. I wore it during the day and I love the two trends it carries – off shoulder style and  jump suits comfort. Perfect on a sunny afternoon, yes Bengaluru still has sunny days.  Accessorized it with hanging earrings and a brown shades. Wore a pair of white sandals and a big dial white watch to compliment it.

Outfit: Rented from Flyrobe
Sandals: Pantaloons
Bag: Lavie
Watch: Fossil

Photography : Santosh Kamal

Don’t forget to stay beautiful and keep it stylish! 🙂

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