Truefitt & Hill Barber Shop and Experience

At That Elegant Chic, we have reviewed many beauty services and salons, but all of them were mostly for women. Today’s post is exclusive for Men. A place where Men can get well groomed and pampered is at Truefitt & Hill Barbershop. They have two branches in Bengaluru, one in Indranagar and another in Lavelle Road. I, along with Sparsh visited the Lavelle road one. The place looks very classy with amazing interiors, it also had fresh fragrance. They have Duke’s Den, a private room which could be booked to take services. As Sparsh had grown beard whole of November, he opted for Royal Trim for beard and head massage to tame the frizzy hair. Check below for the review by Sparsh:




Rajesh greeted us very well, and explained the whole procedure for these two services. “Royal shave is apt if you want to shave your beard completely, as it includes scrub and facial as well giving a complete care to your face” he said. He started off with head massage, using olive oil to control the frizziness in my hair. This service was almost 45 minutes long, including a firm head massage, shoulder and neck massage and Steam. I felt rejuvenated and calm.

Before Beard Trim at Truefitt & Hill
After Beard Trim at Truefitt & Hill

Let the scalp soak in oil and I will start with the Royal Shave, Rajesh suggested. It’s a classic Royal ritual which begins with the wrapping of hot towels followed by exfoliating the face with a scrub. Post which, the skin is nourished and massaged with a light-textured pre-shave oil. This makes the beard soft, allowing the razor blade to glide smoothly. But Machine 2 on the sides, blunt edges and a little trim on goatee is what I wanted and Informed him the same. So Instead of Royal Shave, mine was more like Royal Trim. A hot towel was wrapped again, this made me so relaxed. The service was such that, you will get exactly what you want or you will get a lot of good suggestions also if you are confused. In the end,  had a glowing face and a beard of my choice. After the Royal Trim, Rajesh washed my hair with luke warm water and blow dried it.

Place is classy, service makes you feel royal and special. Men do need some pampering and this place does exactly that! I have had head massages at different Barber Shops but by far this is the best one. They also have a lot of products for men in shaving, hair care and skin care categories. After looking at my beard, I felt It is worth doing no shave November.


Cost of these two services: 3000 INR

Movember – No Shave November:

Truefitt and Hill, India, for the third consecutive year joined hands with the noble cause Movember to raise awareness about prostate cancer and to donate proceeds for the same. Each year they celebrate a high spirited Movember for the entire month of November. They raise awareness about the movement by educating their team to pass on the information to their end consumers, also by creating high visibility at all their outlets and a customised photo booth. They aim to generate funds by means of complimentary services and donation boxes across all their stores and donate the proceeds to Dr. Sanket Mehta, who is currently affiliated with Saifee Hospital.

So guys, do check out this place as it is worth visiting and getting royal treatment. And Ladies, you can gift your man with some pampering session here. Also we had featured Movember last year in our website, check that here.

Stay Handsome and Keep it stylish! 🙂

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