Art Of Coffee featuring Sunbean Gourmet by ITC Foods

“I don’t have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without caffeine” is such an apt statement for coffee lovers like me. One cup of coffee is a must for me everyday to beat work stress.  Filter coffee and Karnataka are almost like synonyms if you ask me. Madikeri and Chikkamagaluru regions in Karnataka, have got many coffee estates who export coffee beans across the country and overseas. This is one of the reasons for ITC to host the unveiling of Sunbean Gourmet Coffee in Bangalore, said Abhijit Chakravorty.

Most of us Indians have adapted a taste for coffee with milk including me. Some like it black, some with milk and some with sugar, “Have it how you feel like, but it is best experienced in its black form” Abhijit Suggested. After Abhijit addressed the bloggers and Media, we headed to a session of coffee art workshop. Priyanka Gupta shared her secrets on painting using coffee powder with us. We all started painting on the canvas using sunbean coffee and it was nostalgic I must say. I used to enjoy painting as a kid but never knew I could still paint and that too with Coffee.



Next we got to experience the art of brewing which was presented by Vikram Khurana. Sunbean Gourmet Coffee presents exquisite blends of the choicest Indian and international bean varietals. Two delightful choices are, Nicamalai – a fruity- sweet aromatic blend of carefully selected beans from Nicaragua and Anamalai hills, Panagiri – a fragrant coffee with strong aroma, blended with mildly sweet Panamanian beans; intensely sweet flavored Arabicas from Baba Budangiri hills. Baba Budangiri is popularly considered to be the birthplace of coffee in India where Baba Budan, a legendary holy saint planted the first coffee seeds that he had brought from Yemen.

Vikram showed us how to make Espresso, Cappuccino, Cinnamon honey coffee and Mocha with both the varieties of Sunbean. I loved the Cappuccino and Cinnamon honey coffee as they were medium and not too strong for my taste. I also tried my hands in brewing a cup of coffee. Did you know that the quality of espresso is measured by its creme? This was one amongst many interesting facts we got to hear.





ITC has crafted these unique offerings by synergizing its key institutional strengths – superior agri-sourcing (ITC has over 25 years of experience in global coffee trading), culinary expertise of ITC Hotels’ baristas and master-chefs and a deep knowledge of blending. It is the culmination of an extensive search across the world to select some of the finest beans which were then expertly blended by ITC’s master-blenders with beans from some of India’s best coffee growing regions to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience.

How do you like your coffee? Leave your comments below! Don’t forget to give sunbean gourmet a try next time you purchase your coffee powder.

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