Tata HEXA Experience Center affair in Bengaluru

When Indiblogger sent me an invitation to attend #HexaExperience Center, I was eager and excited at the same time. It was an three day event at white Orchid from 23rd December to 25th. I visited the place on 24th, Saturday along with my brother, niece and nephew. As we entered the location, there was a registration desk where in people were asked to fill in a form regarding driving details. Based on whether one can drive or not they gave us bands, including the children.

There! there was the stunning Tata HEXA in between the hall for display, where people were checking out the interiors, design and even clicking selfies. There were many other stalls like Mia by Tanishq, Chroma, A pet adoption center, kids play area and food counters. My niece enjoyed the play area the most while we were checking out the digital experience zone. To make it more like a carnival they even had live music where various bands came each day to perform.




Most exciting part was the Off Roading trail with Tata HEXAdrove by professional stunt drivers. The off-roading course of the HEXA Experience Centre was extraordinary, with inclines, declines, side slopes, axle twisters and alternate rumblers. Each one of these is designed to test the power, stability and the driving experience of the HEXA. The best part about TATA is they made sure to let customers know every details about the car before they could choose to buy. This event surpassed all the regular test drives we generally do.





After the test drive and experiencing the off roading trail, customers could book the vehicle at the venue itself, ahead of its launch in January 2017. Tata HEXA comes in both automatic and manual version. Boasting modern and exciting architecture, plush interiors and class leading features, the vehicle is designed for customers with an active lifestyle.

I love cars and with new features and models releasing every year, I believe I can never be satisfied with the cars and phones I own. So this event I thoroughly enjoyed knowing about this car and spending quality time with family.

More happening events , reviews, lookbooks shall be covered on the blog, so don’t forget to come back ๐Ÿ™‚

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One thought on “Tata HEXA Experience Center affair in Bengaluru

  1. Hi ashwani, I too visited this event n I must say it was amazing experience taking test drive of new Tata hexa. I wanted to get my hands on automatic version as well but it was not available ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but would definitely love to try it in future ๐Ÿ™‚


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