What I wore to Meet Hrithik Roshan


March 11th, a date probably I won’t forget. It was a Saturday morning, I got up early than the usual and got ready to look the best I can. I had an event to attend where I could meet Hrithik Roshan, yes Hrithik, the man whom I idolized during my school and college. I had always dreamt of dancing with him at least once in my life. Never thought of how and where but just believed that I would.

Thanks to my blog that I got to see him, listen to me and take a picture with him. I’m sure I will one day dance with him, after all Universe provides you with what you believe in. BTW, it was a press meet about HRX work out range launch at the Cult fitness.

Enough of my fan girl moment, now let’s focus on my outfit for which I started writing this post 😀 I picked up this Tunic dress from Lifestyle even without trying on as I knew it was just perfect. I’m going minimalist this summer with less or no accessories, So I loved the choker neck line this dress had which needed no extra accessory. I wore a black ankle length boots, I would have worn a gladiator shoes but mine broke recently( sob sob). I’m hardly seen without wearing a watch, currently I’m loving my new MK watch which I have flaunted here. Making a statement with Hexagonal frame shades as round frame is too mainstream, ha ha!




This dress has pockets and It’s chic yet very comfortable. I carried my denim jacket as I like to cover my hands from the Sun as its more sensitive than my legs. I styled the outfit with big tan colored bag as I had my camera to be kept in it.

This is what I wore to the event to meet one of my favorite person. I hope you liked it. Check out my video on few more Spring Summer Looks I have put up and let me know what you think!

Who is that one person whom you really like to meet one day? What would you like to wear on such a day? Comment below and let me know!

PS: I wore no other make up than the lipstick and eye liner!

Believe, Dream, Achieve 🙂

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