Types Of Dupattas To Club With Double Lehenga Sarees

Lehengas always top the position in hot fashion list of fashionistas. And do you know why? Because they always have a full list of things to offer; from catchy bridal designs to contemporary figure patterns, frolic hues or be it the draping style of dupattas. Nowadays, double draping dupattas are in rage among the fashionable women and I guess you can see this style with every other bride. But there are a lot of styles which make double draping dupattas with lehenga saree online more ravishing. Do you want to know more about them?

Here is a complete list of types of dupattas to club with double lehenga sarees:

Traditional Bride


This is the most traditional style used by most of the brides. Take one dupatta over the head, and the second one like saree’s pallu. Gather the pallu part’s width in a very narrow way and pin up correctly so that it can showcase the beauty of your blouse completely. Take the sheer one on the head and the broad and fabricated one through the shoulders.

Contrast In Design


Be it contrasting colour, design, style or pattern, choose the dupattas in contrast as shown above in picture. In general, brides or fashionistas go with the sheer or lighter one to cover the head and a deep shaded to drape the torso. Other than their weight, you can focus on their contrasting prints such as one with net adhere and the other one with complete floral print.

Wrap It Around


As you keep your regular chunni, take this one just like it and cover your head with net dupatta. And what will be the difference? The differences won’t be much and cannot be differentiated in a usual way but the traditional work pattern can be slight different and if you see them as a whole, both the dupattas will look like a complete long dupatta.

Mixing Both


You can also try this style with online sarees lehenga. In this method you need to mix up both the lehengas in such a way that it will look like one complete dupatta in a whole. Both the colours will be subtle or matching hues so that it won’t poke the viewer’s eyes while staring.

Play with more hues and select a deeper shade of skirt or lehenga if dupatta is in light shade.

Drape It Like Shawl


Pull on the first dupatta in a more structured way and wrap it around like a shawl. Straight up from the shoulders, cover up your head and then dig a scoops below with the same dupatta. Pin up the dupatta over your head and places where you think it is necessary.

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