5 must-have handbag styles for every woman

A designer luxury handbag is a much-have piece of accessory that can transform any woman into a fashionista instantly. A huge range of handbags is available in the market from top designers like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Prada etc., all these designers redesign and recreate luxury bags in their latest collections for every season.

Collecting expensive and glamorous handbags in all shapes and sizes is like collecting art for many. However the thumb rule is that you should own at least five different types of handbags in your closet to compliment your different looks and styles. It need not be luxurious or Expensive but should match your style. There is a wealth of appealing options available on the market. So, it’s important to narrow your search down to the most useful handbag styles that you will be reaching for frequently.

Have a look at some of the most popular handbag styles that help you stay abreast with the latest fashion trends.

  1. Tote Hand Bags2017-16-1--20-46-57

    These cute, trendy and super comfy bags are a perfect choice for casual outings and fun parties with friends. Tote bags are mostly made up of soft clothing material, they can be used to carry books, office supplies, and even small grocery items. Make sure to buy a tote bag with adjustable strap, if you are going to use it more frequently. Tote bags transcend seasons and keep up with your ever-changing wardrobe and style! Apart from being inexpensive, tote bags are extremely versatile too; you can just carry them anywhere. It’s the all-in-one design which has all the room you need to stash your every day essentials.

  2. Medium-sized Shoulder BagIMG-20161225-WA0034

    Shoulder bags give you a comfortable yet classy feel. If you heading out for corporate meeting or the evening cocktail party with colleagues, then  try wearing a medium-sized shoulder bag to keep things sophisticated and urban cool!

    The style of shoulder bag provides you enhanced mobility and comfort than an ordinary satchel because you don’t need to hold onto it all the time. Rich leather or textured material give you a chic feel, whereas a canvas fabric bags can be donned for an effortless summer time look. The choices are huge; you can simply let your own style and budget decide the right kind of shoulder bag for you.

  3. Evening Clutchwallet-389941_1920

    When it comes to a party look, a delightful little clutch is a must have accessory. It is a cute little purse that doesn’t take attention away from your fabulous party outfit, instead adds an extra punch of style and boldness. Make sure it’s big enough to carry your essentials like money, ID, phone and keys.  Try choosing bags with shiny fancy prints or sequins to complement your dressy look. However clutches are available in all shapes and sizes, still it is a good idea to choose clutches as per your body type. Bright colors are all the rage right now but you should have at least one simple black satin or metallic clutch in your wardrobe for special occasions.

  4. Leather Day Satchel/ Sling bag

    DSC_0059 copy
    This is yet another type of essential bag with medium to large top handle; it’s hard to imagine a casual outfit that wouldn’t look good with a leather day satchel. It can carry almost all your daily essentials like smart-phone, lotion, small wallet and other personal belongings.

    Black or dark brown leather satchel without heavy details and logos is a great choice for day-to-day use; they don’t look old and worn, so they last for years. These satchels were traditionally used by students to carry books; but now these bags have become a part of timeless fashion accessory which gives you a very cool and playful feel. You can easily jazz up your style and pull together a vintage look with a medium sized vintage satchel!

  5. Small Back Packs PS_DSC_0104

    Backpacks gives an comfortable & casual look to the whole outfit. Wear a Dungaree or shorts and carry a back pack and you would look so much younger than your age 😉 These bags can also turn into a great travel companion because they can easily be used as an airline carry-on bag or as backpack for adventures trips. Opt for an expandable bag if you use it more often to carry multiple things.

Which is your favorite kind of Hand bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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9 thoughts on “5 must-have handbag styles for every woman

  1. Small backpack is what I need to invest in. I pretty much have the rest. I am totally into more medium sized bags rather than large totes.


  2. So true about the backpacks! I carried one with me here and is the one I am using the most. Love the one in your post, specially the color.


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