Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment at Hair Habitat

Grey hair, hair-fall, dry scalp, lifeless strands and many more hair Concerns have become way too common. Living in the cities whose pollution level is increasing every second, we can’t control such adverse affects on our hair. But what we can do is, take care of it a little more. Regular hair spas do help in nourishing the hair and keeping it healthier, also follow some DIY’s to keep your hair healthier.

I love natural and herbal products(As I have mentioned in multiple blog posts), so when Hair Habitat invited me to try their Bee Choo Origin hair treatment which is completely Herbal based I was very eager. I reached the Spa, which is located on Vittal Malya Road by afternoon and I was greeted by Carol( hope I’m spelling this right). She explained to me the steps involved in the BeeChoo hair treatment and specified it would take 2 hours. So I was all set to relax and indulge myself in this treatment!

Hairbitat is an authorised dealer of Bee Choo Origin from Singapore. The idea of a 100% chemical, preservative and additives free herbal paste that can promote hair growth was conceptualized after Bee Choo, the founder of the Bee Choo Origin Group, met a Hong Kong physician who told her about Chinese herbs that can aid in solving hair loss problems.

Here is the Step by Step Procedure of the Hair Treatment:

  • Once your hair is washed to remove the hair spray or gel or dust, ginger tonic will be applied to the scalp to stimulate and open up pores in preparation for absorption of herbal ingredients.
  • Chemical free herbal paste will then be applied to the scalp. This paste has the Chinese herbs which is the solution for many hair problems.
  • Spa Cream which is also herbal in nature is then applied to the strands of your hair. Your hair will then be wrapped with a plastic sheet and secured with a headband in preparation for steaming. This prevents the paste from dripping.
  • Wrapped hair will be steamed for 45mins. I took couple of Magazines and just relaxed. I was also served freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea! After steaming, therapist asks you to wait for a few minutes to let the hair cool down.
  • I was then lead to washing area to wash the herbal paste off the cooled hair. I loved the seating arrangement here which was different from usual spas where I would get neck pain while arching back.
  • A tonic is then applied based on your hair concern, mine was greying of hair. You can choose to completely blow dry and style it or keep it natural!





I could see my grey hair had turned orange and the therapist informed that after 3-4 treatment sessions, I would start getting black hair growth. I loved the herbal scent my hair carried and the shine which lasted almost for 3 days. I can’t wait to go back for a 2nd session.

Price: Starts from 1500 inr depending on the hair length!

Hair Habitat,
18/2 Vittal Malya Road, 1st Floor
Bangalore – 1

Stay Beautiful & Keep it Stylish 🙂

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