Top 6 Shaving Myths Debunked

No one can deny that shaving is quick, painless, simple and convenient way of hair removal, but most of us still believe that shaving is harmful when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair on regular basis. We have done some research on this prickly topic and are here to debunk the shaving myths associated with shaving, so let’s get started-

Myth 1 : Shaving causes faster hair growth

Truth: Various research and studies have proved that shaving has no effect on growth or the quality of hair; your hair growth mostly depends on your genetics, hormones and other bodily factors. Remember when you shave, you just chop the hair off from skin surface not pull the hair out of its root ,that’s why it seems like hair grow more rapidly with shaving.

Keep in mind that underarm hair grows much faster than the hair on your hands or legs, so it’s naturally growing faster regardless of the hair removal method you choose!

Myth 2: A tan can be removed by shaving

Truth: this is just an old wives’ tale; tanning happens at the deeper layers of your skin, it is a function of melanin production within your skin. Shaving can not diminish or take away a sun tan because razor works right on the top surface of the epidermis layer. In fact, shaving can actually sweep away the dead skin cells and enhance the glow.

Myth 3: Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky

Truth: Shaving simply helps your skin feel smooth and younger by removing your top layer of dead skin cells. Dryness of skin may be caused by plenty of reasons such as poor water intake, seasonal changes etc. However, if you don’t use shaving gel or any moisturising lotion after shaving then obviously you will have flaky, dry skin with red bumps and rashes. Therefore, always make it a point to finish off with a light oil or lotion to get smoother, younger and touch-ably softer skin.

Myth 4: It’s perfectly fine to use soap and water; shaving gels are not necessary

Truth: Water and soap can dry out your skin whereas shaving creams are less drying than any ordinary soap. They provide you a coating of protection against cuts. Shaving creams contain moisturizing ingredients which soften the hair and lubricate the skin; so razor can easily glide over your skin allowing you to have a smooth and safe shave.

Myth 5: Shaving bikini area is risky and problematic

Truth: Most of us believe that shaving the skin around the bikini line is not a good idea because it may cause irritation and infection, but if you shave this delicate area with little bit of care, you wouldn’t end up complaining about sensitivity and skin irritation.

Don’t rush! Hang out in a hot shower for few minutes and allow your hair follicles to soften properly; it will lower the risk of skin irritation. If possible, try to exfoliate your bikini line gently in advance to prepare your skin for shaving. Instead of applying moisturizer with artificial fragrances, use a mild natural moisturizer like coconut oil or jojoba oil to protect your skin from drying. These natural oils offer excellent soothing effects for all skin types.

Myth 6: Razors/blades should be kept in the shower 

Truth: However, keeping your razors in the shower area may provide you some ease of access but don’t forget that bathrooms have the highest humidity and moisture than any other room in your house. It is important to keep your razors and other shaving supplies away from humidity and moisture; there is a high possibility of razors getting wet in the shower, which will eventually allow bacteria growth and rust. So, after using your razor, thoroughly rinse and shake out any loose water then dry it and store it inside a closed drawer or box.

Stay Beautiful & Keep it Stylish 🙂

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