What to wear for Wedding – Outfit Inspirations

Every​ ​woman​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world​ ​wishes​ ​to​ ​look​ ​gorgeous​ ​and​ stand out on her wedding day. It’s her D-Day and wanting to be admired by all ​is​ ​no​ ​surprise​ ​at all. Wearing the most beautiful bridal Saree or lehenga, with the most breath-taking jewelry is a dream for some. Beautiful henna designs on their hands and feet and a lavish venue is like icing on the cake. 

If it’s a traditional wedding in India, Saree or a Red Lehenga is most common custom for the ritual. And Brides don’t have much option to wear anything else. But if there is any other function like a Sangeeth or Reception, you could wear what ever you love. I visited IZA Designer store, which is located in Indranagar, Bengaluru to pick out a few gowns which can give some Outfit inspirations to the Bride to Be’s out there.

I have not done any make-up or added accessories as I wanted to highlight how beautiful these outfits look even without accesories.

Look 1 :
If you love fairy tales and princesses, this outfit will definitely woo you. Red floral motifs on a off white color gown is perfect for an reception or Sangeeth. You would look like a pretty princess. And the best part is, you could use this even after wedding for any other functions as it is simple and elegant.


Look 2:

If you are a bling lover and like to be bold, then you should check out this outfit. It is all golden and bling with a adjustable lace at the back. This ensemble will definitely make you stand out in the crowd!




Look 3:

If you, like me dream of a destination wedding at a beach or something then you would love this one. A tube dress with a flowy satin around the waist, what I loved most about this dress is the color. It is bright and not very common wedding outfit. It can be worn even on a red carpet in my opinion.



Look 4:

This ensembles is simple yet intricate, with a slight influence of Middle-Eastern trend. Its perfect for a evening/night event. Pair it with a simple diamond neck piece and the elegance shall ooze out.




Look 5:

This piece is quite heavy and looks grand but is comfortable to walk around. It gives a royal look and has beautiful pearls on the dress. Such gowns, makes me feel like getting married 😀


Do let me know which one do you like in the comments section below !

About IZA – Collective Designer Store

Enjoy the luring comfort and charming elegance of the original fabrics from the countless collections of women’s unique outfits and selections for men, spun out of flawless diligence and burning passion of 20 peerless designers, hailing from different parts of India, representing as many cultures and traditions in vogue and gone, born with the destiny of making you wear your dreams and desires, as never before and nowhere else. Iza takes form with a soul to bring out the original stuff that matches your nature, at a cost that your purse knows never. It is not just a choice it is the voice of your appearance.

Stay Beautiful & Keep it Stylish 🙂

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