Gillette Venus Breeze Experience and Review

I have been using the Gillette Venus Breeze since last few months and the other Gillette Venus razor before that. This latest razor that the brand launched recently is making lot of noise amongst girls and why wouldn’t as it has some remarkable features. There was a time when women used to use Men’s razors and then slowly the brands realized the importance of making razors specific to women. It’s nice to go to a spa or salon, but when it comes to waxing I’m very much afraid. The entire social media went berserk with the launch of this product including me. Shaving gives you the freedom and the flexibility to be hairless whenever you want, which includes an unplanned party or even a dip in the pool. What I also like about shaving is that you don’t need to be an expert in the action, unlike waxing. Some people use soaps while shaving, which is not right, you can check out previous posts where I have debunked such myths. Well, Gillette has found a solution all such problems with Venus breeze.


Venus Breeze comes in lavender color with a multi-functionality razor. It comes with gel bars on the blade which will moisturize your skin and shaves safely. These shave gel bars are made of olive, avocado, and kokum. Gillette Venus Breeze blades are replaceable and easily available at any personal care store. Just wet the area and slide the Gillette Venus Breeze on it, and voila you are done! The flexibility of shaving blade helps you use it at any angle on your skin without any cuts and burns. That’s the reason I called it Multi-Functional.



The skin feels soft and smooth after the shave but do not forget to apply moisturizer generously. The Gillette Venus Breeze blade has three blades that one by one slithers on the skin, giving a smooth shave. You can change the cartridge when you feel the razor has lost its sharpness or gel bar gets over. These razor cartridges are easily available separately online and in stores as well.

This is the best razor I have ever tried so far and I would say you try it too.

What method of hair removal do you follow? Have you found your best razor yet? Leave your opinions below!


7 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Breeze Experience and Review

  1. I am yet to try this one. Have always preferred waxing over everything else. But I guess I need something more handy that can be used in case of emergency sleeveless clothes plan outs 🙂 Wonderful review!


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