Business casuals for women: Styling tips to ace the look

Allowing employees to dress more casually makes a big impact on their performance. They feel more confident yet comfortable at work and that’s the reason why modern-day corporate dress code is shifting from strictly formal work wear to business casuals. Business casual style mostly depends on your office culture or the nature of your job.

Even though, it infuses a fun element in a regular office environment, still the business-casual dress code has always been the most difficult and confusing dress code for everyone.  Whenever it comes to finding professional yet stylish attire, most of us find ourselves staring at our closet with a confused look- Read on to understand what Business casuals for women really means and how to achieve the perfect business casual look.

Pants/ trousers

Formal pants are the most versatile and stylish choice for everyday work wear. They are great everyday option for those who despite their busy schedules, aren’t willing to give up looking elegant every day! Choose well fitted, high rise pants without frayed hems or ripped seams. It is important to make sure pants or trousers are properly pressed and wrinkle-free.


Go for fabrics which can be maintained easily like wool, cotton, linen or polyester. Coloured denims are also getting very popular these days, however it’s better to keep your colour choices bit conservative (black, navy blue, gray) or basic neutrals. Just make sure that pants have stretch in them so you can sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Business casual tops and shirts

Every woman should have a good collection of plain cotton blouses and shirts. A plain white shirt worn with a pair of slacks or skirt look professional yet feels very comfortable. If you are wearing basic neutral pants then add a punch of style with coloured shirts and tops.

If the fabric is a little see through, then choose your undergarments carefully. Fluffy sleeves don’t go well with formals, so it’s better to stick with full, ¾, short or cap sleeves.

IMG_1100 copy

Sometimes when it’s too hot, no one feels like wearing those tight fitted full sleeve shirts, so go ahead and try tank tops on those hot humid days, just ensure they are not too low-cut. When wearing a tank top, it’s better to opt for mid length skirt and high heel sandals to create a professional look.

T-shirts can also be worn as office wear when styled in a proper way. Choose a plain solid colour t- shirt with prints or logos; tuck it into a long, well-fitted skirt. Add an extra punch of glamour and charm with high-heels, a statement watch and a simple hand-bag.

Skirts and dresses

Pencil, a-line and pleated skirts surely fit in the criteria of business casuals. You can look stylish and feel confident at your workplaces when you put these on. Plus, no need to run to the market for buying tops to match your skirts, Just mix and match from your collection of blouses and shirts.

If your skirt is in soft pastel shade, then go for shirts in matching shades. But, if you prefer dark shade skirt, then tops in contrast colours would create a better impression. Make sure the fabric is soft and comfortable; wear linen, wool or cotton skirts for long busy days. Stay away from floral print, animal prints and frills when choosing work wear skirts. It’s always better to go for mid-knee length skirts than too short or skimpy ones for business meetings or conferences.



Dresses are an easy alternative for work-wear casual outfit. With well-fitted, classy attire you can seamlessly transition between the office meetings and evening cocktail parties! Keep in mind that your dress shouldn’t look too casual, but at the same time it should not appear too gaudy too.

Tie-waist shirtdress can keep your look polished and professional; it looks awesome when you team it up with a strappy, sleek heels. Just pay little attention to the neck-line and cuts, pick dresses that look mature and classy. Mid-length dresses are usually acceptable in most of the corporate offices; just ensure that the dress is not too short or loose. You can also layer them up with light-weight cardigans, blazers or jackets if required.


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