How to get naturally glowing skin

Weather is getting a lot cooler in Bangalore with some showers as well making me so lethargic. I wish we had fall season too and not enter winter directly. Another thing which is here is weddings, a lot of my friends and relatives are getting married. Apart from choosing the right outfit for the weddings, having a clear and glowing skin is also important to all of us. Our skin is exposed to dirt & pollution every day, making it dull and lifeless. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing is a part of our routine for sure, but it is not enough to rejuvenate the skin. I used VLCC Facial kit recently, and thought of writing about the things you need to do to get glowing skin for this wedding season:

Sleep Well: You need to get 6-7 hours sound sleep every night. No, lying on bed using phone or watching videos is not called sleeping! Only while we are asleep, our skin breathes and restores the essentials and balances the ph levels.

Sweat It Out: It is very important that we work out more during winters as the weather doesn’t let us sweat. When we sweat, pores get cleared and the toxins are let out. Blood circulation on to the facial muscles are also increased with the exercises which give you a healthy and brighter skin.

Get a Facial: Earlier people used to go to parlors to get facial done but now you can get the glow with an ease at home without going anywhere. I’m talking about the VLCC facial kits, which I recently came across and found it to be awesome. These kits are ideal for both men & women. There are 5 easy steps which you can do on your own. VLCC facial skin brightening Haldi and Chandan Facial kit contains Face wash, Face Scrub, Face Gel, Face Cream, and a Face Pack. We all know Haldi (Turmeric) and Sandalwood (Chandan) are best for skin brightening and tightening. The kit has 10g products, which lasts for two uses. I suggest you get this facial done 2 days prior to the wedding you need to attend.




Drink lots of Water: Water is the solution to many skin and hair related problems we face. More the glasses of water intake lesser the skin problems.

These are a few simple and easy steps from me to #BeNaturallyReady for this wedding season.

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