Outfit Of The Day – Diwali Special

Festivals are good because you get to dress up in ethnic wear 🙂 And yeah amazing food too ! Your dress will be an added factor to the celebrations with family. This is what I wore for Diwali, hope you girls like it 🙂   I loved its peach pink colour with blue and redContinue reading “Outfit Of The Day – Diwali Special”

Victoria’s Secret Sensual Blush Lotion Review

I’m reviewing one of my favorite products here, been using it over a year now: Product Description: Indulge in Sensual Blush, a tempting blend of pink lotus & sultry woods. This fast-absorbing body lotion from our VS Fantasies collection contains nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins E and C. Massage on forContinue reading “Victoria’s Secret Sensual Blush Lotion Review”

Nail Arts For the Bold and the Busy!

We want it all .. don’t we? We want style and simplicity.We want to keep up with the trends while still juggling with our crazy lives! How many of you have looked at those pretty nail arts on several places over the net and wished for them? In our busy schedule, we hardly get timeContinue reading “Nail Arts For the Bold and the Busy!”

Nysassa Moroccan ROSE Hand Cream Review

  After using this product for over a month now, I thought why not write a review about it. So here is my official product review — a first in many more to come! Product contents: Shea Butter, Olive oil, sesame oil, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, DM water, triethanolamine, e-wax, preservative and fragnance MyContinue reading “Nysassa Moroccan ROSE Hand Cream Review”

Be Beautiful and Don’t complicate

Beauty is not just about a beautiful face and sharp features. I believe that beauty is the way you carry yourself and the way you walk about with your head held high. The world today is  very fashion-centric. A lot of thought and focus goes on what one wears, where is it bought from, howContinue reading “Be Beautiful and Don’t complicate”