Olaplex – Undo the Hair damage!

“Hair is the only accessory that you wear daily.” These words stuck in my head as they were spoken. True words generally do that to me. And these came from Jordan Alexander, the Vice president of Education at Olaplex. He, along with Rebecca Taylor was present at Bounce in Indiranagar to launch Olaplex — aContinue reading “Olaplex – Undo the Hair damage!”

Uber Beauty Salon Experience and Review!

Right in the center of the poshest location of Bangalore stands Uber –a newly opened salon. Uber welcomes you with a cute winking face on its label, which automatically makes it a happy place. Entering it will make you happier. We were at Uber to get some luxurious service and to get to know theContinue reading “Uber Beauty Salon Experience and Review!”

Lakme for Life – Lakme Salon Rewards all Beautiful Indian Women!

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Lakme Salon launched ‘Lakme for Life’ to thank and reward their beautiful customers. And TEC had a chance to witness this wonderful event. Every year on 8th March, Lakme Salons reward their 8 lucky customers with expert salon services for the next 8 years, completely free. These 8 lucky ladiesContinue reading “Lakme for Life – Lakme Salon Rewards all Beautiful Indian Women!”

HairColor – Ombre Red!

Your hair is a major factor that contributes towards your looks and I have always loved experimenting with mine. From having a short military hair style to long wavy hair, I have been there and done that. I prefer to have a bold look which I can carry off with style! I never had second thoughts when itContinue reading “HairColor – Ombre Red!”