DIY for Brighter Underarms

There is a certain charm about wearing a stylish sleeveless dress for a party or a nice gunjee for a casual meet up with friends. I love to style up my denims with a cute sleeveless top and be ready to go within minutes. However, there happens to be a slight mess when I wear sleevelessContinue reading “DIY for Brighter Underarms”

DIY – Four ways to brighten your teeth!

Can you imagine a Deepika Padukone or a Jennifer Aniston with yellow teeth? Yes, I am sure you all went “eww” in your heads! White teeth not only look pretty, they are also a sign of healthy dental hygiene. Now because we don’t want to go to the dentists as we are always broke withContinue reading “DIY – Four ways to brighten your teeth!”

Guilt Free Chocolate IceCream Recipe!

I go weak for chocolate ice cream… but every time I ate chocolate, I would sob out of guilt. One cup of chocolate ice cream has 286 calories and to burn those calories according to doctors we have to walk for 69 mins, jog for 29 mins, swim for 21 mins or cycle for 38 mins. I had to look forContinue reading “Guilt Free Chocolate IceCream Recipe!”

DIY — Coconut based hair masks!

TEC has always supported going natural! I love DIYs and totally support everything that is home made, for obvious reasons! They are pure, honest and easy on pockets. Today, we bring to you an amazing no shampoo DIY which spells magic for hair! It also helps to reduce hair fall. I adopted this from my mom.Continue reading “DIY — Coconut based hair masks!”

DIY Strawberry Face Pack

Winter season is here and thus is the exotic strawberries season!! Strawberries are super beneficial berries for our skin! Now is the best time to eat it and smear it on our face to get that natural glow we all crave for. Strawberries also decrease the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. StrawberriesContinue reading “DIY Strawberry Face Pack”

DIY Drink to Prevent Hairfall!

Besides waking up with a huge pimple peeping out of my skin, my biggest nightmare is leaving a mark wherever I go — in the form of falling hair. When I see a visible increase in my hair fall, my heart skips a beat, the world stops spinning — I hope you get the drift.Continue reading “DIY Drink to Prevent Hairfall!”

Tasty and Healthy Salad – Recipe!

It is said that, to see the change on the outside, we need to bring a change inside. A healthy glowing skin and a good fit body sound extremely lucrative results — but ultimately thats what they are! They are the RESULTS of a healthy lifestyle. You can use the best products, use the mostContinue reading “Tasty and Healthy Salad – Recipe!”