Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!

In the last post, you and I took a fashionable route through our stylish journey together. There were scenic stops – but as I promised you, we had miles to go. And today, I am here exactly for that. TEC brings you the third glorious day from the recently held Bangalore Fashion Week. Read on, adoreContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2

The most awaited fashion event was back with a glamorous bang and just like the last time, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Bangalore Fashion Week. Sit back and relax as I take you, with me, through the glorious collections of the evening that might just take your breath away. The day2Continue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2”

Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni

Creativity cannot be defined — neither it can be tied to boundaries nor it can be limited to stay within lines. It is free and unrestricted — much like a Sari. Creativity and Saris go hand in hand. To begin with, I would like to salute that one person who looked at a plain fabric measuring 9 yards andContinue reading “Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni”

Wills LifeStyle SS15 Preview and Launch Event!

Summers are here in their complete bright and hot glory. Although, winters are a favourite season among most people, I think summers have their unique charm. Usually, summers bring with them the memories of summer vacations when I would wear those pretty dresses to play around. I cannot have summer vacations any more, but IContinue reading “Wills LifeStyle SS15 Preview and Launch Event!”

The Butt Out Brigade Event

As we step into the new month of March, we have a pretty special day coming up — Women’s day! While we at TEC celebrate the spirit of womanhood and independence every day, 8th March is definitely a day to look forward to. Carrying on the same spirit, on Saturday morning, Jealous21  and an allContinue reading “The Butt Out Brigade Event”

Soucika at Bangalore fashion Week – Day 3

On 24th January, the 3rd day, Bangalore Fashion Week witnessed Kalyanasougandhikam, the collection from Soucika. Soucika is a well-known brand for bridal and occasion attire and Kamal Raj Manickath, the designer does not disappoint with his collection this year. Kalyanasougandhikam is the Sping/Summer collection from Soucika. The outfits are inspired by flowers in alignment with the lovely spring season. Manickath gives anContinue reading “Soucika at Bangalore fashion Week – Day 3”

Arjun Khanna’s show at Bangalore Fashion Week – Day 3

Even though Arjun Khanna’s designs are only for Men, it was one of the most awaited events in this season of Bangalore Fashion Week . The passion for great style is showcased in his designs each time. Whether it is his inspired clothing collections, his enviable stable of classic bikes, or the vintage curios, KhannaContinue reading “Arjun Khanna’s show at Bangalore Fashion Week – Day 3”

Ramesh Dembla at Bangalore Fashion Week – Day 3

Ramesh Dembla — A name that is synonymous with fashion not only in Bangalore but throughout the country like Hyderabad, Chennai, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Raipur, Vizag, Kolkata, etc. His label “Krishna Dembla” has its own trade mark style that is modern, elegant yet bold and unconventional. Designer by choice, Ramesh keeps his fingers on the pulse ofContinue reading “Ramesh Dembla at Bangalore Fashion Week – Day 3”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day-1

For the past week, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Bangalore Fashion Week! This is my first time and I got to cover the whole event. The experience was just amazing – the costumes, interactions with designers and showstoppers were just mind blowing. Here, I share with you some of the amazing moments! 1. TheContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day-1”