Tastes of Telangana — An Evening of Food and Fashion!

Great food can lift up the darkest of moods and bust away stress like a bubble floating in the air. So on a cool evening of a Friday, we headed towards the ITC Cubbon Pavillion to get a feeling of Telangana cuisine under their ongoing festival of “The Unique Tastes Of India”. ITC is knownContinue reading “Tastes of Telangana — An Evening of Food and Fashion!”

A Mediterranean Gourmet Experience – Food, Fun and Rains!

On a rainy, traffic jammed, chaotic evening of Bangalore, we braved our way to the ITC Windsor because we love food and we love variety. ¬†Not too long ago, ITC had invited us for a delectable Kashmiri Cuisine which we enjoyed thoroughly. This time, ITC Windsor, had called us to be a part of theirContinue reading “A Mediterranean Gourmet Experience – Food, Fun and Rains!”

Poush – A Kashmiri Experience

Cheat days are good. When you let yourself go and savor every morsel purely on the basis of taste , it feels wonderful, doesn’t it? I recently got a chance to do exactly that at the ITC¬†GARDENIA. Within their ‘Kitchens Of India’ theme, ITC Gardenia introduced POUSH – a humongous and elaborate spread of KashmiriContinue reading “Poush – A Kashmiri Experience”