Vaya Tyffyn – to enjoy your meal, hot and fresh!

On 19th August, a solution to dripping curries, cold meals, unhygienic containers was launched at ITC Gardenia where media, bloggers and known personalities of Bangalore came together. Vaya Tyffyn launch marks the foray of Vaya Life Pvt. Ltd., a brand that prides itself in redefining everyday products through world class design and high end engineeringContinue reading “Vaya Tyffyn – to enjoy your meal, hot and fresh!”

A visit to Rehau Store in Bangalore

We often talk about fashionable clothing stores, how to style yourself in different outfits or which beauty product makes you look good but this post is not any usual ones. We had an opportunity to visit Rehau which is located at Richmond town, Bangalore. It is a store which makes everyday life products in aContinue reading “A visit to Rehau Store in Bangalore”

Drink, Eat and Play at Fiat Caffe

They say we live in an era of communication and information. News travels faster than we blink our eyes. Careers are made over the social network. A statement in just 140 characters can bring a revolution of ideas. However, we also find ourselves in a time where we surprisingly lack human interaction. Sometimes, it breaksContinue reading “Drink, Eat and Play at Fiat Caffe”

Who is India’s Best Bartender?

Mixing a drink right is a skill and like a special chef, a special bartender has a unique style of concocting a perfect drink. Diageo Reserve World Class puts forth a platform where bartenders from all over our country compete for the title of India Bartender of the Year. The winner gets to represent India and competeContinue reading “Who is India’s Best Bartender?”

Music, Fun and Whisky with Anushka Manchanda & Nakul Shenoy

And I’m back with another happening event story. The Celebration continued at USL Diageo for #LoveScotch this weekend on 27th Friday night. This weekend’s Pub Crawl was hosted by the sensational singer, actor Anushka Manchanda and the much sought after mind reader Nakul Shenoy. I got late to the event due to my work and missed theContinue reading “Music, Fun and Whisky with Anushka Manchanda & Nakul Shenoy”

World Celebrates a day for Whisky – LoveScotch

Saturday nights are a synonym to parties. It’s so much more fun when one gets to mix work with an evening of letting your hair down and this is what exactly happened this Saturday. It was World Whisky Day and I had the opportunity to Party with some Celebrities like Canadian Super Model and brandContinue reading “World Celebrates a day for Whisky – LoveScotch”

Pamper your mother this Mothers Day and Always

Mother’s day, a day dedicated to our lovely moms who devote so much time of their life in nurturing and caring for us. Agree that mothers day , women’s day all have become very commercialised these days but still why not pamper and love our mother’s little more on this day and make her feelContinue reading “Pamper your mother this Mothers Day and Always”

Cochlear – Hear Now And Always

Imperfections – we all deal with them.  Some extra flab, pimples on skin, dark circles, too big or too small features and so on. However, there are days when one feels grateful – at least I have a healthy body, a beautiful mind and aren’t we lucky that we can understand and voice out ourContinue reading “Cochlear – Hear Now And Always”

A gift to keep his spirit high – Scotch Whiskey Collection

As I entered the venue of the recently organised Scotch Whiskey Collection launch event, nostalgia hit me like a wave. No, the event did not make me nostalgic but I remembered the time when I had come back from the US and brought a bottle of Scotch for my Dad as a present. He wasContinue reading “A gift to keep his spirit high – Scotch Whiskey Collection”

Let it Grow – No Shave November!

Here is a question. How many of you, irrespective of  you being a guy or a girl, have looked over a man in his beard and said with utmost honesty, “Guys look really good with beards”. Thanks to the “Movember” movement, the world had an opportunity to see men in a different light. And weContinue reading “Let it Grow – No Shave November!”