Home Decor Products Haul!

This post is something different from my usual blog posts, why you ask?¬†Because this time I focused on shopping for my home rather than myself ūüėĬ†I usually take mom out for shopping once in a while as she loves that, and we get our mother-daughter time too. But unfortunately, I’m not having much time forContinue reading “Home Decor Products Haul!”

ComicCon Bangalore 2015

While I love to dress up in my pretty flowery dresses,I love to keep variety in my wardrobe. Sometimes I prefer keeping it simple and wearing just some casual jeans and t -shirt. There are some wonderful t shirts available that reflect a part of your personality. I for one love my comic characters andContinue reading “ComicCon Bangalore 2015”

Jaipur Jewels Exhibition at Bangalore!

Ornaments are a woman’s best friends. So when we got an invite for the Jaipur Jewels expo, we were pretty excited to be there and cover it for our lovely readers! What TEC loved at the Expo: There were wide varieties of¬†Jewellery¬†to be worn for all kinds of¬†occasions. They had some trendy ear rings whichContinue reading “Jaipur Jewels Exhibition at Bangalore!”

Women’s Health Care!

There is a lot that women want to¬†achieve¬†in a span of 24 hours . In today’s time and age, typically, a¬†woman juggles her professional and personal life with tremendous elan.¬†She runs around from pillar to post , makes sure life is perfect for everyone around her¬†and yet she forgets to take care of her ownContinue reading “Women‚Äôs Health Care!”

AeroIndia 2015 ~ Experience and OOTD

Ok, who doesn’t like flying objects? It has been my fantasy since childhood to fly high, thanks to all the superhero influences on us. But since it is not possible to fly just by spreading your hands and spreading your cape (Why Superman?) Hence comes the planes that give us a chance to fly! IContinue reading “AeroIndia 2015 ~ Experience and OOTD”

Be Beautiful and Don’t complicate

Beauty is not just about a beautiful face and sharp features. I believe that beauty is the way you carry yourself and the way you walk about with your head held high. The world today is ¬†very fashion-centric. A lot of thought and focus goes on what one wears, where is it bought from, howContinue reading “Be Beautiful and Don’t complicate”