Highlights of Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 | 15th Edition

If you are following my blog, you should know that Bangalore Fashion Week isn’t new here. From past three editions I have covered multiple posts as it happens in my city which I love! I attended Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 15th Edition and putting forth the highlights from the same. I managed to attend few showsContinue reading “Highlights of Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 | 15th Edition”

A visit to Rehau Store in Bangalore

We often talk about fashionable clothing stores, how to style yourself in different outfits or which beauty product makes you look good but this post is not any usual ones. We had an opportunity to visit Rehau which is located at Richmond town, Bangalore. It is a store which makes everyday life products in aContinue reading “A visit to Rehau Store in Bangalore”

Tanabata – Stars, wishes and Food Festival at Yataii- Shangri-La

You, as I was, must be wondering what is this Tanabata. Fret not as I’m here to tell you all about it. In Japenese culture, Tanabata, which means ‘Evening of the seventh’, is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Lunisolar Calendar. It is also known as the Star Festival, mainly because theyContinue reading “Tanabata – Stars, wishes and Food Festival at Yataii- Shangri-La”

Dawat-E-Khas – a Hyderabadi Food Festival​

If you are a foodie or just love eating at good restaurants, then you should head to Grand Mercure Bangalore as they present Dawat-E-Khas, an authentic Hyderabadi food festival​ starting from Friday, 1st July to Sunday, 10th July, between 7 p.m. to 11 p.m, at By The Blue restaurant. You can not only have some deliciousContinue reading “Dawat-E-Khas – a Hyderabadi Food Festival​”

Drink, Eat and Play at Fiat Caffe

They say we live in an era of communication and information. News travels faster than we blink our eyes. Careers are made over the social network. A statement in just 140 characters can bring a revolution of ideas. However, we also find ourselves in a time where we surprisingly lack human interaction. Sometimes, it breaksContinue reading “Drink, Eat and Play at Fiat Caffe”

Aeropostale Launches its First Store in Bengaluru

Ever since Aeropostale announced it’s launch, Bangaloreans have been pretty excited about it which abod is obvious considering we Bangaloreans love all things fashion. And because being a Fashion Blogger has its own fringe benefits, I got a chance to visit their stores before the rest of the city. It was exciting because I have beenContinue reading “Aeropostale Launches its First Store in Bengaluru”

Indulge in some exquisite Chocolates at Fabelle Boutique

When I was little, Chocolate was my absolute favorite thing in the world. I would keep a whole bar of chocolate out in the heat because eating an almost melting chocolate is a feeling that cannot be encompassed in words. Years later, things have not changed much. They still taste and feel as loveable andContinue reading “Indulge in some exquisite Chocolates at Fabelle Boutique”

Philips Innovation Experience 2016

Philips as a brand and company has been a part of our lives since quite a long time. As a child, I remember buying my first Philips Walkman and listening to it for so long that I drained its battery in a single day. The Walkman is probably somewhere in the corner of my childhoodContinue reading “Philips Innovation Experience 2016”

Who is India’s Best Bartender?

Mixing a drink right is a skill and like a special chef, a special bartender has a unique style of concocting a perfect drink. Diageo Reserve World Class puts forth a platform where bartenders from all over our country compete for the title of India Bartender of the Year. The winner gets to represent India and competeContinue reading “Who is India’s Best Bartender?”

Music, Fun and Whisky with Anushka Manchanda & Nakul Shenoy

And I’m back with another happening event story. The Celebration continued at USL Diageo for #LoveScotch this weekend on 27th Friday night. This weekend’s Pub Crawl was hosted by the sensational singer, actor Anushka Manchanda and the much sought after mind reader Nakul Shenoy. I got late to the event due to my work and missed theContinue reading “Music, Fun and Whisky with Anushka Manchanda & Nakul Shenoy”