Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!

In the last post, you and I took a fashionable route through our stylish journey together. There were scenic stops – but as I promised you, we had miles to go. And today, I am here exactly for that. TEC brings you the third glorious day from the recently held Bangalore Fashion Week. Read on, adoreContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2

The most awaited fashion event was back with a glamorous bang and just like the last time, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Bangalore Fashion Week. Sit back and relax as I take you, with me, through the glorious collections of the evening that might just take your breath away. The day2Continue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2”

Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni

Creativity cannot be defined — neither it can be tied to boundaries nor it can be limited to stay within lines. It is free and unrestricted — much like a Sari. Creativity and Saris go hand in hand. To begin with, I would like to salute that one person who looked at a plain fabric measuring 9 yards andContinue reading “Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni”

Home Decor Products Haul!

This post is something different from my usual blog posts, why you ask? Because this time I focused on shopping for my home rather than myself 😀 I usually take mom out for shopping once in a while as she loves that, and we get our mother-daughter time too. But unfortunately, I’m not having much time forContinue reading “Home Decor Products Haul!”

ELLE Carnival For A Cause!

On Sunday, when the clouds over Bangalore came together for a pleasant afternoon, the people of Bangalore came together for ELLE Carnival for a cause – a fund raising event for breast cancer. Breast cancer has been detected as a number one threat to women’s health, even before cervical cancer and it is important that every woman ,Continue reading “ELLE Carnival For A Cause!”

ComicCon Bangalore 2015

While I love to dress up in my pretty flowery dresses,I love to keep variety in my wardrobe. Sometimes I prefer keeping it simple and wearing just some casual jeans and t -shirt. There are some wonderful t shirts available that reflect a part of your personality. I for one love my comic characters andContinue reading “ComicCon Bangalore 2015”

Jaipur Jewels Exhibition at Bangalore!

Ornaments are a woman’s best friends. So when we got an invite for the Jaipur Jewels expo, we were pretty excited to be there and cover it for our lovely readers! What TEC loved at the Expo: There were wide varieties of Jewellery to be worn for all kinds of occasions. They had some trendy ear rings whichContinue reading “Jaipur Jewels Exhibition at Bangalore!”