Elanic – a platform to become a Seller!

A girl’s biggest problem, according to those social media jokes, is that she never has anything to wear and still has no space to keep her stuff. I have laughed and nodded my head in agreement to this one. Indeed, we buy stuff on a whim. Sometimes, something that looks great online or in aContinue reading “Elanic – a platform to become a Seller!”

Candid Knots – It’s a New Day And A New Dress !

Do you remember the interview scene from Sex and the City where Carrie wonders how Lousie from St.Louise, one of the seven children living in a one room apartment, can afford a bag from Louis Vitton? And Louise tells her that there is a store down the block where you get it on rent? IContinue reading “Candid Knots – It’s a New Day And A New Dress !”

Fashionistas of Bangalore at BFW14

Day after day, this week I have been bringing you all the updates from the Spring Summer Edition of the Bangalore Fashion Week. Today, however, I took the road less travelled. While the Bangalore Fashion Week is a place for designers and models, it is also an opportunity to unleash the fashionista within all of us. SoContinue reading “Fashionistas of Bangalore at BFW14”

Denim – Trend that never vanishes!

Chances are, that you like me, are unfamiliar with the name Jacob Davis. But here’s why we all should know his name. This guy is responsible for a major fashion revolution. According to the legends, Jacob Davis was a professional tailor who made denim jeans popular after a woman asked him to make trousers forContinue reading “Denim – Trend that never vanishes!”

Take a Quick Inspiration from Kareena Kapoor’s Quirky Style Statement!

The Nawab Queen, Kareena Kapoor Khan beholds an enchanting beauty and mesmerizing acting talent! Give her any of the quirky style to carry and she will very beautifully justify the look in her movie or some public event. Given below are few of her epic and memorabe looks that will leave you more than inspired to copy themContinue reading “Take a Quick Inspiration from Kareena Kapoor’s Quirky Style Statement!”

Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21

As a child, The Jetsons family used to be my favorite animation series. I would love their futuristic air cars, their automatic moving floors and those quick suction lifts.  It is pretty cool to think how figments of the Jetson world is actually happening in real life. Recently, I had my own futuristic experience atContinue reading “Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21”

Unlimited Fashion #3KUnlimited Challenge

Unlimited — the word that pushes away boundaries. Unlimited, infinite! Don’t we all want that? Unlimited fun, unlimited success or even maybe an unlimited wardrobe! However, the ‘unlimited’ that I am going to talk to you about today is a lot more tangible. Unlimited Fashion is a new store in town which caters to amazingContinue reading “Unlimited Fashion #3KUnlimited Challenge”

Stylish and Important Reminders For Monsoons!

Usually, rains are associated with all things nice – A cup of hot, steaming Tea, cozying up in your bed, watching a nice movie, standing on your balcony and just watching – admiring the tiny pearls of rainwater on leaves and flowers. However, sometimes, rains can be like a clingy lover – tiring and difficultContinue reading “Stylish and Important Reminders For Monsoons!”

Five looks for men to rock this winter!

The Starks of North have been warning everyone of an impending winter season since a very long time.  But it is only now that Winter has started to confirm its presence in bits and pieces. I know many of you love the Winters  because you get a chance to be cosy and snuggle up inside aContinue reading “Five looks for men to rock this winter!”