Couponsji – a coupon website in India Review

Clipping coupons from a million different places to avail some discount has become a thing of past. Today, online coupon websites give you access to hundreds of shopping coupons whenever you need a deal on some product and the best part is you don’t have to spend your entire day looking for them. Just copyContinue reading “Couponsji – a coupon website in India Review”

Review and Giveaway of Funatic Tshirts

T-shirts are comfortable and yet if it has the right print or right slogan, it can actually define who we are! I love wearing Tee’s during my workouts or dance routines and If it looks good there is more energy altogether to workout looking at yourself in the mirror. So here I am showcasing twoContinue reading “Review and Giveaway of Funatic Tshirts”