Best of Bangalore Fashion Week 16th Edition – Day 3

This is our fifth time at Bangalore Fashion week and each season gives us something new in terms of fashion. The quest for right outfits and styling ideas is never ending but we always want to make it simpler for you. So here are some outfit inspirations you can get from Bangalore Fashion Week 16thContinue reading “Best of Bangalore Fashion Week 16th Edition – Day 3”

Highlights of Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 | 15th Edition

If you are following my blog, you should know that Bangalore Fashion Week isn’t new here. From past three editions I have covered multiple posts as it happens in my city which I love! I attended Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 15th Edition and putting forth the highlights from the same. I managed to attend few showsContinue reading “Highlights of Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 | 15th Edition”

Style Off the Stage at BFW 15th Edition

While the Bangalore Fashion Week is a place for designers and models, it is also an opportunity to unleash the stylist within all of us and the Style Off the Stage at BFW 15th Edition was equally ravishing. So instead clicking the models ON the ramp, I decided to feature the people who are stylishContinue reading “Style Off the Stage at BFW 15th Edition”

Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 – Day 4

After the first, second and third days of Bangalore Fashion Week 2016, which were filled with hustle and bustle all around, Day four was touted to be the grand finale of style on the ramp. I was definitely not disappointed. Something about the energy of this place is almost infectious, making you want to blendContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 – Day 4”

Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 Day 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to the third day of the 14th edition of the Bangalore Fashion Week 2016. Pretty and Stylish people walked on the ground of Sheraton Grand Hotel and amidst all the hustle and bustle, fashion and elegance were the moods of the event. Former Miss Asia Pacific Nicole Faria walked the ramp forContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 Day 3”

Soucika at Bangalore Fashion Week Day2

Day 2 of the Bangalore Fashion Week dawned in and it included a brand I genuinely admire– Soucika. Soucika has grown bigger and better with each fashion week and I had loved their bridal collection in previous bangalore fashion week. This time around, their collection featured three categories of women’s wear – Bridal Gowns, Lehengas and EveningContinue reading “Soucika at Bangalore Fashion Week Day2”

Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 Day 1

It’s that time of the year again! I have always enjoyed my time on the Bangalore Fashion Week and why not? It is the place where I feel like a child in a fairyland. Every corner is filled with the magical production by talented designers and every show is creatively satisfying in its own way.Continue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week 2016 Day 1”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 4 – Finale!

They say all good things come to an end. The Bangalore Fashion week — my most favorite fashion event had to come to a closure after four days of gala and glamour. However, it was made sure that the last day creates the loudest bang. So while the BFW was gearing up for a spicedContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 4 – Finale!”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!

In the last post, you and I took a fashionable route through our stylish journey together. There were scenic stops – but as I promised you, we had miles to go. And today, I am here exactly for that. TEC brings you the third glorious day from the recently held Bangalore Fashion Week. Read on, adoreContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2

The most awaited fashion event was back with a glamorous bang and just like the last time, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Bangalore Fashion Week. Sit back and relax as I take you, with me, through the glorious collections of the evening that might just take your breath away. The day2Continue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2”