The Gillette Venus Breeze Launch Event at Bengaluru

We always look out for better features in each product launch than their previous versions. When it came to shaving razors, I couldn’t think of any new features getting added on to it. But, The Gillette Venus left me baffled when they launched Gillette Venus Breeze. It is a very innovative as it has gelContinue reading “The Gillette Venus Breeze Launch Event at Bengaluru”

Skin Care tips for summer

Ladies, summer time is here and it is the time when the sun becomes downright cruel to your skin. The scorching heat and high level of humidity are going to eat away your natural complexion and glow. If you neglect your skin in the summer season, the harsh rays of the sun can cause clogs in theContinue reading “Skin Care tips for summer”

The 10 Commandments for Well Being!

Beauty, of course, lies in the eyes of the beholder. We live in a world that never ceases to surprise us with its stark contrasts and beguile similarities. I might feel uncomfortable with Kajal outlined eyes while my best friend would rather cover her face behind a veil than go without at least a thin blackContinue reading “The 10 Commandments for Well Being!”

4 unusual tips to stay Beautiful!

While I prefer being traditional and relying on tried and tested methods, sometimes it is fun to take the road less traveled. Being a fashion blogger means one keeps looking for ways to look and feel good. In all my previous posts, I have been giving you a few handy ideas from my journey toContinue reading “4 unusual tips to stay Beautiful!”

DIY ~ To get rid of Black and White heads!

Black heads and white heads — those pesky little dots on your nose and chin that are too stubborn to get off! We might not realise but black or white heads do take the charm away from our faces. In this post, I try to go in detail about why do those tiny things appearContinue reading “DIY ~ To get rid of Black and White heads!”

Tips for Oily Skin In Summers ~ A Guest Post by Ms Rupali Chauhan

Oily skin is a major cause of concern for girls especially in summers. For today’s post, I let Ms Rupali Chauhan take over,to talk about oily skin. Ms Chauhan is a course director in the beauty department of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. It is best to get the expert advice from the expert herself —Continue reading “Tips for Oily Skin In Summers ~ A Guest Post by Ms Rupali Chauhan”

Healthy and Tasty Smoothies!

They say “you are what you eat”.  Unfortunately that is true. Why “unfortunately”, you ask? Most of the times, we choose to eat food based on what our tongue craves for and not what our body requires. Our body requires vitamins and proteins and fibre and we end up giving it more calories than weContinue reading “Healthy and Tasty Smoothies!”

DIY for Brighter Underarms

There is a certain charm about wearing a stylish sleeveless dress for a party or a nice gunjee for a casual meet up with friends. I love to style up my denims with a cute sleeveless top and be ready to go within minutes. However, there happens to be a slight mess when I wear sleevelessContinue reading “DIY for Brighter Underarms”

DIY – Four ways to brighten your teeth!

Can you imagine a Deepika Padukone or a Jennifer Aniston with yellow teeth? Yes, I am sure you all went “eww” in your heads! White teeth not only look pretty, they are also a sign of healthy dental hygiene. Now because we don’t want to go to the dentists as we are always broke withContinue reading “DIY – Four ways to brighten your teeth!”