How to Style Kurti as a Dress Feat Eternal Clothing

I wear a lot of western clothes on everyday basis and my cupboard is filled with more jeans, dresses and tops than kurta’s or salwar’s. Ethnic dressing has become more of an occasional wear than regular for me. I found some amazing pieces of kurta’s which are very comfortable to be worn on everyday basisContinue reading “How to Style Kurti as a Dress Feat Eternal Clothing”

Hello Spring – Look Book

Yellow, pink, lavender and so many colorful flowers is what I get to see when I steer my bike on the roads of Bengaluru. Even though we do not have prominent winter in here, Spring highlights a difference in weather as everything around you look more alive. It’s beautiful to witness these flowers withering onContinue reading “Hello Spring – Look Book”

Kurta Styles for the Festive Season

The festive season is here at our doorstep and it calls for a lot of shopping, dressing up, eating sweets, gifting and spreading happiness. While there are lot of fun and excitement, we also need to get started on what we will wear to the various events – ethnic day at office, the get togetherContinue reading “Kurta Styles for the Festive Season”

How to Pose – In Western Vs Indian Wear

I have done most of my outfit shoots outdoors and trust me finding a right place and time for the photoshoot is the hardest part of fashion blogging. The reason I don’t do indoor shoots is one because A) Being outdoors gives a natural touch to the pictures and B) you need multiple resources likeContinue reading “How to Pose – In Western Vs Indian Wear”

The Rebel in a Saree featuring Triveni Ethnics

Being alive — have you ever wondered how great it is? To smile, laugh, cry, dance and to live every bit! Eckart Tolle says that we breathe to remind ourselves that life is only for this moment. The past is done and the future is unknown. I happen to take Mr Tolle very seriously. SoContinue reading “The Rebel in a Saree featuring Triveni Ethnics”

My Designing Dream Continues – Budget Friendly Lehenga!

Not too long back, I shared my designer aspirations with you in Tiara Tales. Like any new found hobby, the designing bug has bitten me and these days I am on a spree of designing my own outfits. And while the dress in the last post is apt to be worn by a bridesmaid inContinue reading “My Designing Dream Continues – Budget Friendly Lehenga!”