A Mediterranean Gourmet Experience – Food, Fun and Rains!

On a rainy, traffic jammed, chaotic evening of Bangalore, we braved our way to the ITC Windsor because we love food and we love variety.  Not too long ago, ITC had invited us for a delectable Kashmiri Cuisine which we enjoyed thoroughly. This time, ITC Windsor, had called us to be a part of theirContinue reading “A Mediterranean Gourmet Experience – Food, Fun and Rains!”

Kazo’s Party and Winter Wear Collection

Haven’t we spoken enough already about the winters in earlier posts? And I think we will still have many things to consider when it comes to winter fashion. Consequently, I was pretty excited to visit Kazo Store to check out their Winter and Party Wear Collection. Like me, many Fashionistas from Bangalore came together toContinue reading “Kazo’s Party and Winter Wear Collection”

Poush – A Kashmiri Experience

Cheat days are good. When you let yourself go and savor every morsel purely on the basis of taste , it feels wonderful, doesn’t it? I recently got a chance to do exactly that at the ITC GARDENIA. Within their ‘Kitchens Of India’ theme, ITC Gardenia introduced POUSH – a humongous and elaborate spread of KashmiriContinue reading “Poush – A Kashmiri Experience”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 4 – Finale!

They say all good things come to an end. The Bangalore Fashion week — my most favorite fashion event had to come to a closure after four days of gala and glamour. However, it was made sure that the last day creates the loudest bang. So while the BFW was gearing up for a spicedContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 4 – Finale!”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!

In the last post, you and I took a fashionable route through our stylish journey together. There were scenic stops – but as I promised you, we had miles to go. And today, I am here exactly for that. TEC brings you the third glorious day from the recently held Bangalore Fashion Week. Read on, adoreContinue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3!”

Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2

The most awaited fashion event was back with a glamorous bang and just like the last time, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Bangalore Fashion Week. Sit back and relax as I take you, with me, through the glorious collections of the evening that might just take your breath away. The day2Continue reading “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2”