Bollywood Smokey Eye Makeup by Mickey

Have you ever realized that “makeup artists” are actually artists in every true sense of the word.  It takes a lot of practice, understanding, and some instincts to know what’s right and what works for you. Although I cannot claim to be a proficient person when it comes to makeup, I keep myself updated with whatContinue reading “Bollywood Smokey Eye Makeup by Mickey”

Herbalife SKIN Review – The 7 day challenge

It’s always exciting to take up challenges, but when it is related to something you love it’s even more fun! We all need to follow a Skin care routine, but with our busy schedule it is not always possible to stick to it. Thanks to Herbalife SKIN , I could take up a 7 day challenge where IContinue reading “Herbalife SKIN Review – The 7 day challenge”