Home Made Chicken Biryani and Chicken Kebab Recipe!

One of my favorite food is Biryani and you would already know about it if you follow my personal profile. Chicken Biryani is made with different preparations in different states and different districts as well. I, Personally love the ones which is a wee bit spicier. I do not cook at home usually, or IContinue reading “Home Made Chicken Biryani and Chicken Kebab Recipe!”

Things I do to Stay in Shape!

Fitness, for some it is about being lean, for some it is about building muscles and for some it is being able to climb mountains. Whatever your perception of fitness is, unless you work towards it; you cannot achieve it! Most of my friends ask me what I do to stay in shape even withContinue reading “Things I do to Stay in Shape!”

Indulge in Multiple Course Meal at The Three Quarter Chinese

We went for buffet tasting at Three Quarter Chinese over one of the weekend and enjoyed the menu thoroughly. Three Quarter Chinese Restaurant is not new to me as whenever I had been to bowling in Amoeba on Church Street, this place came as blessing in disguise for Food. After all, a good game andContinue reading “Indulge in Multiple Course Meal at The Three Quarter Chinese”

Brim your Appetite with Malenaadu Food

After witnessing Kashmiri and  Telangana food festival at ITC Gardenia, I was very much excited to indulge myself with Malenaadu Food as it from my state, Karnataka. ITC Gardenia – Cubbon Pavillion culinary crown presented and brought Malenaadu food under the aegis of Kitchens of India. They try to bring in the Undiscovered Legacies ofContinue reading “Brim your Appetite with Malenaadu Food”

HyperCity says Hy Bengaluru !

Living in a metro city, We are always on the move to achieve things we dream of or even for the regular work. With never ending traffic problems and busy work schedules, we hardly get time to do shopping at the stores, So the eCommerce is at boom right now in these cities; as everybodyContinue reading “HyperCity says Hy Bengaluru !”

Tanabata – Stars, wishes and Food Festival at Yataii- Shangri-La

You, as I was, must be wondering what is this Tanabata. Fret not as I’m here to tell you all about it. In Japenese culture, Tanabata, which means ‘Evening of the seventh’, is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Lunisolar Calendar. It is also known as the Star Festival, mainly because theyContinue reading “Tanabata – Stars, wishes and Food Festival at Yataii- Shangri-La”

Dawat-E-Khas – a Hyderabadi Food Festival​

If you are a foodie or just love eating at good restaurants, then you should head to Grand Mercure Bangalore as they present Dawat-E-Khas, an authentic Hyderabadi food festival​ starting from Friday, 1st July to Sunday, 10th July, between 7 p.m. to 11 p.m, at By The Blue restaurant. You can not only have some deliciousContinue reading “Dawat-E-Khas – a Hyderabadi Food Festival​”

Drink, Eat and Play at Fiat Caffe

They say we live in an era of communication and information. News travels faster than we blink our eyes. Careers are made over the social network. A statement in just 140 characters can bring a revolution of ideas. However, we also find ourselves in a time where we surprisingly lack human interaction. Sometimes, it breaksContinue reading “Drink, Eat and Play at Fiat Caffe”

Indulge in some exquisite Chocolates at Fabelle Boutique

When I was little, Chocolate was my absolute favorite thing in the world. I would keep a whole bar of chocolate out in the heat because eating an almost melting chocolate is a feeling that cannot be encompassed in words. Years later, things have not changed much. They still taste and feel as loveable andContinue reading “Indulge in some exquisite Chocolates at Fabelle Boutique”

An Unusual breakfast with Jackfruit365

While the whole world sleeps in for a few extra hours on a Sunday morning, I braved my will and got up a bit early for a breakfast event that I was invited to at Grand Mercure. I lowered the car’s window so that the morning’s fresh air hits my face and wakes me upContinue reading “An Unusual breakfast with Jackfruit365”