Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream – A Review

The Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream had my attention from the moment its commercial came up on television. The one reason I know I have hair of decent quality is because my Mom used to apply coconut oil in my hair every single day and send me to school. Yes, you know that round-faced kid in yourContinue reading “Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream – A Review”

Garnier Pure Active #TwiceAsNice in Collaboration with The Jeromy Diaries

What comes up in your mind when I say #TwiceAsNice ? Maybe when you get a great dress and a 50% discount on it or when you go to your favourite restaurant and you realise that the dessert is on the house! Or how about when you work your butt out in the gym every morningContinue reading “Garnier Pure Active #TwiceAsNice in Collaboration with The Jeromy Diaries”