Business casuals for women: Styling tips to ace the look

Allowing employees to dress more casually makes a big impact on their performance. They feel more confident yet comfortable at work and that’s the reason why modern-day corporate dress code is shifting from strictly formal work wear to business casuals. Business casual style mostly depends on your office culture or the nature of your job. EvenContinue reading “Business casuals for women: Styling tips to ace the look”

5 must-have handbag styles for every woman

A designer luxury handbag is a much-have piece of accessory that can transform any woman into a fashionista instantly. A huge range of handbags is available in the market from top designers like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Prada etc., all these designers redesign and recreate luxury bags in their latest collectionsContinue reading “5 must-have handbag styles for every woman”

Things I do to Stay in Shape!

Fitness, for some it is about being lean, for some it is about building muscles and for some it is being able to climb mountains. Whatever your perception of fitness is, unless you work towards it; you cannot achieve it! Most of my friends ask me what I do to stay in shape even withContinue reading “Things I do to Stay in Shape!”

Best Summer Style Dresses

Summer season is nearly upon us, and beating the scorching hot Indian summer is not an easy task! The biggest challenge in summer is to choose the right summery outfits that can help you stay cooler and make you look fabulous too. I was browsing through Instagram and found this brand called Shein, and IContinue reading “Best Summer Style Dresses”

The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day gifts can sometimes be a tough puzzle to crack, especially for the guys. For Women, I have already posted a few ideas which might give you some inspiration on selecting gift to your Man, check that here. For all those boyfriends and husbands out there who are having a hard time choosing rightContinue reading “The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her”

The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

February, a month filled with red roses and love as the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And you may be finding it extremely hard to choose that one perfect and most romantic Valentine’s Day gift for the most special person of your life. To make this task little easier for you, here weContinue reading “The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him”

Make a fashion statement with the Pantone colour of the year ,Greenery

Pantone, the provider of professional colour standards announces a signature shade every year. This year pantone has chosen a fresh bright yellow-green shade called “Greenery” as the colour of the year 2017. It represents the colour of nature, so you can get the feeling of oneness with natural world by incorporating this reviving yellow-green colour in your day-to-dayContinue reading “Make a fashion statement with the Pantone colour of the year ,Greenery”

Art Of Coffee featuring Sunbean Gourmet by ITC Foods

“I don’t have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without caffeine” is such an apt statement for coffee lovers like me. One cup of coffee is a must for me everyday to beat work stress.  Filter coffee and Karnataka are almost like synonyms if you ask me. Madikeri and Chikkamagaluru regions in Karnataka,Continue reading “Art Of Coffee featuring Sunbean Gourmet by ITC Foods”

Luxury Redefined at Prestige Silver Oak Villas and Apartments!

Living a luxurious life is everybody’s dream and luxury is defined primarily by the place you live in. When a guest visits your place, they not only see the interiors of your house but also see the vicinity you live in. Area, Architecture, Design everything matters when it comes to having a luxury status inContinue reading “Luxury Redefined at Prestige Silver Oak Villas and Apartments!”

Get the right Waterproofing solution to your House

Big house, fancy cars, amazing gadgets are the usual materialistic dreams any of us have. And these are all huge investments or expenditures which one thinks a lot about before proceeding. My Dad had built a house when I was about a year old and the whole time I have lived there, we didn’t haveContinue reading “Get the right Waterproofing solution to your House”