Style that Blazer Up!

Throughout the years, human beings have conditioned and categorized their lifestyle into slots. We don’t have milk and cornflakes for lunch. We don’t party at 11’O clock on a Tuesday Morning (Although I would totally sign a petition to have this changed!) and we never go to a beach dressed up in formal trousers andContinue reading “Style that Blazer Up!”

BlueStone BlueBook Launch & Styling of the Peacock Collection

On a bright and lovely Sunday afternoon, fashionistas of Bangalore came together for the launch of the blue book from Blue Stone called as #BlueBookFever. Dressed in blue ourselves, it was an afternoon filled with fun, food and drinks. We took some time in knowing each and like always, I felt it was fantastic toContinue reading “BlueStone BlueBook Launch & Styling of the Peacock Collection”

Stress free way of styling your Distressed Jeans!

Any wardrobe – be it that of a teenager, a 20-something male or a 30-something female , is incomplete without atleast one pair of jeans. I have lost count of hearing people say, “I am not a stylish person, I am the ‘Jeans T-shirt’ sort of a person”. Contrary to the popular belief, wearing jeansContinue reading “Stress free way of styling your Distressed Jeans!”

My Designing Dream Continues – Budget Friendly Lehenga!

Not too long back, I shared my designer aspirations with you in Tiara Tales. Like any new found hobby, the designing bug has bitten me and these days I am on a spree of designing my own outfits. And while the dress in the last post is apt to be worn by a bridesmaid inContinue reading “My Designing Dream Continues – Budget Friendly Lehenga!”

My Tiara Tales as a Designer!

Of late, I have begun designing my own dresses. Not only is it fun and budget friendly, it also satisfies me creatively and qualifies as a very useful hobby. I have already written about my earlier designs which focused on traditional wear. This time, however, I have dabbled my hands in designing a skirt andContinue reading “My Tiara Tales as a Designer!”

4 ways of Styling Culottes!

Culottes are women’s knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt. Although, “Culottes” is a very fancy term for a dress. I like to call them the love child of palazzo and cropped pants! These pants are a designer’s gift to the fashion world. There are days when I look at my jeansContinue reading “4 ways of Styling Culottes!”

From Cubicle to Dance Floor — All In A Day!

Have you had days when work is crazy? I am in the middle of such a busy time. Stress follows me, like a sociopath, everywhere I go. It is during these times that I want to party like there is no tomorrow! Even if I squeeze a dance party into my busy schedule, more oftenContinue reading “From Cubicle to Dance Floor — All In A Day!”

Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni

Creativity cannot be defined — neither it can be tied to boundaries nor it can be limited to stay within lines. It is free and unrestricted — much like a Sari. Creativity and Saris go hand in hand. To begin with, I would like to salute that one person who looked at a plain fabric measuring 9 yards andContinue reading “Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni”

White Shirt Beyond Blue Jeans!

A white shirt and blue denim combination is a classic go-to dress for all those situations when you do not want to put a lot of thought and effort in your style and yet want to look chic and stylish. Today, however,I am not here to talk about the white shirt and blue jeans. I am hereContinue reading “White Shirt Beyond Blue Jeans!”