Styling up a JumpSuit

I always wanted to do a post on jumpsuits and finally, I bring it for you today. Jumpsuits, in my opinion, are extremely under-explored attires. I love how stylish and comfortable they are. But here is the clincher. You buy a jumpsuit, and after sometime you don’t feel like wearing it over and over asContinue reading “Styling up a JumpSuit”

The Butt Out Brigade Event

As we step into the new month of March, we have a pretty special day coming up — Women’s day! While we at TEC celebrate the spirit of womanhood and independence every day, 8th March is definitely a day to look forward to. Carrying on the same spirit, on Saturday morning, Jealous21  and an allContinue reading “The Butt Out Brigade Event”

Summer Styles — Part 1

Wasn’t it just some days back when I did the winter essentials pullover post? It’s already summer! Time flies! So I am back with a summer essential — Florals! Here are a few pictures of my pretty flowery outfit that can be worn to office. Floral dresses are must have’s in summer. You should definitelyContinue reading “Summer Styles — Part 1”

Maxi Skirt & Crop Top — OOTD !

It’s been quite some time since I did an OOTD post. I was busy covering the fashion week and then there were all these amazing products I wanted to review for you! But for every day updates from TEC, you can always follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts! Coming back to the OOTD, Ladies, putContinue reading “Maxi Skirt & Crop Top — OOTD !”

New Year’s party OOTD!

A very happy new year to all the TEC readers! We hope 2015 brings you a lot of Happiness, Health and filled with joy! My new year this time was amidst the Jungles. We were far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and it was a wonderful start to my new year.Continue reading “New Year’s party OOTD!”

Cafe Meet up ~ OOTD

For friendly and casual meetups, I prefer not to over dress.But of course we have to stay stylish. So I decided to go with my favorite pair of shorts and a nice feminine top.Somethings just cannot go wrong! A pair of cool white shorts are one of them.They are comfortable, they are good looking andContinue reading “Cafe Meet up ~ OOTD”

What I wore at a Wedding – OOTD!

It has been a season of weddings for me and although I love the feeling of excitement of seeing a friend getting married, deciding what to wear is  always a confusion. But when you have to attend a friend’s or a relative’s wedding, you have to think grand!  Here is what I wore at oneContinue reading “What I wore at a Wedding – OOTD!”

OOTD – Corporate Look!

Have you noticed how wearing a lovely formal dress to office perks up your mood? It certainly happens with me. I am more professional in my attitude, my body language becomes business like and I feel like I am ready to face the day head on! If you feel the same and want help onContinue reading “OOTD – Corporate Look!”