OPPO F1 Plus Specs, Price, Features and Impression

This is all about Selfies – OPPO F1 Plus is the second selfie centric phone in the market after Oppo F1 and aims to be the ultimate SelfieExpert. I won’t be wrong to say, I use front camera on my phone more than the rear camera, because its easy and I can click however I wish to. BeContinue reading “OPPO F1 Plus Specs, Price, Features and Impression”

WC T20 with OPPO F1 SelfieExpert

Patriotism in Indians oozes out at 3 occasions – Republic Day, Independence day and a heart-stopping cricket match. I have been a cricket follower as long as I can remember . And Of course, I have been a witness to some milestone cricketing events – the world cup, the IPL matches and all those matchesContinue reading “WC T20 with OPPO F1 SelfieExpert”