A week with smooth skin – 1 Myth Busted

In the last  post,  when I decided to take the #Subscribetosmooth challenge, I had spoken about my constant race against time. This weekend was no different. I was supposed to represent my team for Badminton in the Annual Sports Event. But because I was busy with a lot of other things , I realized onlyContinue reading “A week with smooth skin – 1 Myth Busted”

Perfumes – A summer essential featuring Neesh

Summers, a time when you would rather stay at home than step out because it is all too sunny out there. In Bangalore, summers seem to have arrived way earlier than expected and I hear everyone around me complaining. Sweat is something we usually cannot avoid in summer but we can definitely avoid the odorContinue reading “Perfumes – A summer essential featuring Neesh”

BBLUNT High Definition Curl Leave-in Cream

My favourite hair style keeps changing — for a very long, and for some unknown reason, I was obsessed with poker straight hair. I got off that phase pretty soon. These days, the romantic soft waves are more of my style. I would have loved some defined curls but I prefer not to use aContinue reading “BBLUNT High Definition Curl Leave-in Cream”

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash – Review

If someone decides to develop a game where the motive of the player is to have perfect skin, the biggest and toughest villain in this game will undoubtedly be Acne. The number of girls and boys suffering from Acne is obviously massive, making it the most common skin problem. There can be a number of reasonsContinue reading “Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash – Review”

Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair – Review

Biotique as a brand is still new to me.  The first product I used from this brand was an under eye cream. But my consistency of applying any eye cream is so bad that I cannot comment on how that product worked for me.  A shampoo, on the other hand, is a product I useContinue reading “Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair – Review”

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream – A Review

The Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream had my attention from the moment its commercial came up on television. The one reason I know I have hair of decent quality is because my Mom used to apply coconut oil in my hair every single day and send me to school. Yes, you know that round-faced kid in yourContinue reading “Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream – A Review”

Garnier White Complete Face Wash and Cream Review

The Indian markets today are flooded with products that claim to make your skin as pretty as it gets. There are products to cover your blemishes, lighten your skin color, moisturize it and basically wave a magical wand over it. You and I get bombarded with such products and let’s be honest– we are tempted toContinue reading “Garnier White Complete Face Wash and Cream Review”

Iraya Jabakusum Kesha Lepa Review

I  love taking care of myself. It makes me feel good and confident but seldom get time for spa treatments. So when I know that the product is natural and will do me no harm, I find it extremely exciting to use it. A few days back, we had reviewed the Iraya toner for you.Continue reading “Iraya Jabakusum Kesha Lepa Review”

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush — A review

It is no new knowledge that a proper clean face is not only basic hygiene, but it also gives you that elusive healthy glow. I had always wanted a facial brush that I could use to deeply cleanse my face. My wishes and eyes were on Clarisonic which is a pretty cool product. However, itContinue reading “Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush — A review”

Garnier Pure Active #TwiceAsNice in Collaboration with The Jeromy Diaries

What comes up in your mind when I say #TwiceAsNice ? Maybe when you get a great dress and a 50% discount on it or when you go to your favourite restaurant and you realise that the dessert is on the house! Or how about when you work your butt out in the gym every morningContinue reading “Garnier Pure Active #TwiceAsNice in Collaboration with The Jeromy Diaries”