Healthy and Tasty Smoothies!

They say “you are what you eat”.  Unfortunately that is true. Why “unfortunately”, you ask? Most of the times, we choose to eat food based on what our tongue craves for and not what our body requires. Our body requires vitamins and proteins and fibre and we end up giving it more calories than weContinue reading “Healthy and Tasty Smoothies!”

Guilt Free Chocolate IceCream Recipe!

I go weak for chocolate ice cream… but every time I ate chocolate, I would sob out of guilt. One cup of chocolate ice cream has 286 calories and to burn those calories according to doctors we have to walk for 69 mins, jog for 29 mins, swim for 21 mins or cycle for 38 mins. I had to look forContinue reading “Guilt Free Chocolate IceCream Recipe!”

Tasty and Healthy Salad – Recipe!

It is said that, to see the change on the outside, we need to bring a change inside. A healthy glowing skin and a good fit body sound extremely lucrative results — but ultimately thats what they are! They are the RESULTS of a healthy lifestyle. You can use the best products, use the mostContinue reading “Tasty and Healthy Salad – Recipe!”