Visit Brand Factory – #DontGetFooled

I have heard about the year long sale Brand factory hosts and I have visited the store couple of times earlier. When I heard about the #DontGetFooled campaign Brand Factory has come up with, I had to go check out what it is all about and let you people know about it. I visited BrandContinue reading “Visit Brand Factory – #DontGetFooled”

Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21

As a child, The Jetsons family used to be my favorite animation series. I would love their futuristic air cars, their automatic moving floors and those quick suction lifts.  It is pretty cool to think how figments of the Jetson world is actually happening in real life. Recently, I had my own futuristic experience atContinue reading “Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21”

Unlimited Fashion #3KUnlimited Challenge

Unlimited — the word that pushes away boundaries. Unlimited, infinite! Don’t we all want that? Unlimited fun, unlimited success or even maybe an unlimited wardrobe! However, the ‘unlimited’ that I am going to talk to you about today is a lot more tangible. Unlimited Fashion is a new store in town which caters to amazingContinue reading “Unlimited Fashion #3KUnlimited Challenge”

Shopping Experience with stylebuys

Here is a theory I propose – Once you get pampered enough, one does not  see it as pampering. It is merely a level of comfort and we quickly move on to the next level of comfort. I was quite happy when e-commerce websites took their baby steps in my life. Soon, there were too manyContinue reading “Shopping Experience with stylebuys”

The Joy of Online Shopping!

When I was in college, going out for shopping was a big deal. One would make plans, fix a budget and head out. It would start with getting together, searching for an auto, roaming from shop to shop, getting in queues for trial rooms, billings and facing all the hassle in the world. Although, goingContinue reading “The Joy of Online Shopping!”